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Friday 06/06/08 - 17:40 Asia & Japan Program B

I'm back. Things are progressing very smoothly. For this program, Asia & Japan - B, we included a short from the Stop! Global Warming Competition titled "I Have Gas". Directed by Sho Kataoka, this 5:35 short has a unique take on the global warming crisis by having it told through the imaginative minds of 2 6 year old friends, Kotaro & Hina. Their idea of how to get rid of "darbon cioxide" might just be the cure to all sorts of problems assaulting our world. Not just global warming but wars & violence as well!
The director & his 2 "stars" Ren Yasuda & Mikie Nakagawa came up on stage afterwards for a Q & A session. It quickly became evident that little girls have a lot more presence & poise than little boys! It was revealed that they both could have done without the kiss scene but according to the director Sho, his 2 stars perormed magnificently & lent a lot of charm to his film.
Just before this group we started the Q & A with director Keiki Yokokawa came up to talk to us about his 24:42 film titled "Life Is Something Like It". It's a road movie starting in L.A. & crossing th U.S. across Tuscon, through a memorable sequence in New Orleans to Florida, then up to New York. Being familiar with these areas, I was surprised that Keiki managed to show a lot of America that even American may not recognize. The accompanying soundtarck featuring music by "Saru" was quite cool & the film mirrored what the director & cast experienced on their journey.
stay tuned for more from the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2008! 
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