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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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Asia International & Japan Program

Program ID June 13th Sun Brillia Short Shorts Theater 17:10 - 19:00
June 17th Thu Laforet Museum Harajuku 13:20 - 15:10
June 18th Fri Brillia Short Shorts Theater 10:45 - 12:35
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Naoto Hidaka / Japan / 4:20 / Documentary / 2009

Humans are part of the universe. The earth has a power greater than us. Increasingly, humans are being affected by large scale natural disasters. This documentary encourages the audience to protect the earth because of its amazing beauty and power.

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Kenji Tanaka / Japan / 16:22 / Comedy / 2009

At a "Matchmaking Meeting" where everyone is acting fake and smiling. A young, NEET (Neither in Employment, Education or Training) couple is oblivious to the whole situation. Just then, something evil from outer space closes in on the earth.

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Emmanuel Q Palo / India / 20:00 / Drama / 2008

A film about the stations in life that people go through - birth and death, rites of passage, relationships, marriage and infidelities, dislocation and migration, and homecoming.

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bijyo - a beautiful girl's nose -
Shunsuke Minowa / Japan / 14:24 / Comedy / 2009

Kaoruko is distressed about her hyper sense of smell. Her whole life is in disarray because of this. She undergoes a treatment to cure her affliction. However, she begins to feel something is amiss as she tries to lead a normal life.

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Going Together
Je-young Kim / South Korea / 16:42 / Drama / 2008

A mother hears news about her son who left home 13 years ago. He has been condemned to death for a crime. She visits the prison to see her son for a final time in the winter of 1991. They enjoy chatting as usual.

Korea Youth Film Festival 2008 (South Korea) 2008 Best Director's Award
Asiana International Short Film Festival 2008 (South Korea) Korean Short Film Award
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2009 (USA)

Special Invitation Screening Bora no negao
Isao Yukisada / Japan / 14:15 / Animation / 2007