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CG Competition supported by Digital Hollywood JURY

Fumihiko Sori

Fumihiko Sori Director

Fumihiko is a film director and is affiliated with TBS. In 1996, he studied film at the University of Southern California’s Graduate School. The same year, he was involved with Digital Domain, the company founded by James Cameron, and worked on the visual FX for "Titanic". In addition to this, he has worked as a VFX supervisor on numerous Japanese films and TV dramas, whilst he made his debut as a film director with "Ping Pong" in 2002, having collected many awards along the way. In 2004, he produced the full CG animation film "Appleseed", and in 2007 founded the film production studio OXYBOT. At this studio he created and directed the entirely CG animated “Bekushiru 2077 Nihon Sakoku”. Aside from this, Fumihiko has directed live action films such as "Ichi" (2008) and "Tomorrow’s Joe" (2011). His latest film is "Dragon Age: Blood Meiji Crusade" (2012).


LiLiCo Movie Commentator

LiLiCo was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her Swedish father met her Japanese mother. At 18 LiLiCo came to Japan, and she began activities in the entertainment industry in 1989. Currently she appears as a film commentator on TBS’s "King’s Brunch". She MCs film and fashion events, and also makes numerous appearances on talk shows and radio programs. In addition to this, she has played voice actor roles, such as the self-centered and overweight Cartman in the film and animation "South Park", and she is a film commentator active in many fields!

Tomoyuki Sugiyama

Tomoyuki Sugiyama President, Digital Hollywood University

Tomoyuki was born in Tokyo in 1954. As of 1987, he worked as a Visiting Researcher at MIT Media Lab for three years. In 1990 Tomoyuki worked as a Senior Researcher for an international media research foundation, then was a Junior Lecturer at Nihon University in 1993, and in October of 1994 established Digital Hollywood. Digital Hollywood University Graduate School was opened in 2004. The following year Digital Hollywood University opened, and Tomoyuki currently works as president of both schools. In September 2011, the Digital Media Academy of Fine Arts was established in collaboration with Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China), and he was appointed as the Director of Studies. He is the chairman of the Fukuoka Contents Industry Hub Promotion Committee, and works as the Cabinet Secretariat of an expert committee to strengthen intellectual property strategies. Furthermore, he serves on numerous committees, such as the Japanesque Modern, CG-ARTS and Digital Content Association of Japan. In 1999 he received the Digital Media Committee AMD Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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