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STOP! Global Warming Competition Jury

The Committee has selected three jurors from diverse industry backgrounds with unique points of view. Jurors will award one film: the Best Short Award (Minister's Award, the Ministry of Environment) from STOP! Global Warming Competition category. Jurors are listed from the left in order of the Japanese phonetic alphabet.

Seita Emori

Seita Emori  Climate Scientist

Seita Emori was born in Kanagawa in 1970. He joined National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) as Researcher in 1997 after completing his doctorate in the University of Tokyo. He took an external assignment to conduct research using the Earth Simulator at Frontier Research System for Global Change in 2001 and returned to NIES as Senior Researcher in 2004. He has been working as Chief of Climate Risk Assessment Section, Center for Global Environmental Research, NIES, since 2006. His area of specialty is future projections and risk studies of climate change. He is a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report (AR5).

Fumiko Okuno

Fumiko Okuno Sports Commentator

Fumiko Okuno is an Olympic medalist, winning two bronze medals for synchronized swimming in 1992 at Barcelona. Her performance at the 1994 FINA World Aquatics Champion- ships were memorable for her solo routine where she did not smile - a rarity for synchronized swimming routines. She not only earned perfect marks for Artistic Expression, she won Japan’s first solo silver medal. Fumiko later switched gears when she retired from competition and became a performer, with her work including performances for Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas show O. Fumiko currently engages in a wide range of activities, from work in TV and radio to authoring articles for print. Furthermore, she, along with her husband, Beijing Olympic bronze medalist Nobuharu Asahara, and other top athletes in their personal network started the Athlete Network, which aims to support a number of different athletic and community-related activities. She also serves as a member of a central committee for education within Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Masatoshi Nakamura

Masatoshi Nakamura Actor

Masatoshi was born in Miyagi prefecture’s Onagawa-cho in 1951 and graduated from Keio University’s Faculty of Economics. Whilst at university he joined the Bungakuza Institute. In 1974, he was chosen to debut in the lead role of NTV’s "Ware-ra seishun" (Our Youth). Following this, he starred in many coming-of-age dramas such as NTV’s "Ore-tachi no tabi", as well as historical productions and social dramas, gaining public support by playing various broad-ranging roles. He later made his film debut with "Fureai"and has subsequently appeared in many films, such as the series"Yonegeya honpo"and"60 sai no rabu retā" (Love Letters at 60). He is also a singer who consistently releases songs, and is now releasing his 51st single and 39th album. Since his debut he has held concerts and tours annually, with over 1300 performances to date.

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