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MOËT STAR AWARD "Chris Foggin"

Chris FogginDirector
Chris Foggin / Director



I feel very honored to be the first person to win this award. It was such a special moment that I will cherish forever. I'd like to thank all the people at the festival that created such a memorable one, and the people of Japan for welcoming myself and the film. I'd like to wish all other filmmakers out there all the luck in the world for the next year and would like to dedicate the award to Dame Judi...who made the dream possible. Thank You.

After graduating with a degree in Media Production, Chris quickly established himself as an assistant director in film. Recent titles include Madonna's W.E', "The Iron Lady" and "My Week with Marilyn".
Friend Request Pending
Friend Request Pending
Chris Foggin/UK, England/11:58:00/Romance/2011
Mary (Judi Dench) and Linda (Penny Ryder) spend an afternoon discussing the pleasures, pitfalls and problems with using social networking to try and woo the local choirmaster Trevor (Philip Jackson).