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"MOËT STAR AWARD" will be given to a person who has the 5 common philosophies of "MOËT & CHANDON," the champagne brand beloved by cinema, and "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia," which are "Pioneer Spirit," "Global Vision," "Creation of Sophisticated Values," "Self - motivation Spirit," and "Sharing Spirit." This person will also be the most promising STAR of the future film industry and match the image of both brands. 7 filmmakers of the films screened at this year's festival will be the nominees and 1 finalist, a person with the brightest STAR, will receive the award.

The supplementary prizes are the original trophy and also a trip to MOËT & CHANDON MAISON in France.

MOËT STAR AWARD MONUMENT designed by Yasumichi Morita

DesignerProfile :
Born in Osaka, JAPAN in 1967. President of GLAMOROUS co., ltd. Starting with the project at Hong-Kong in 2001, his work is successfully and expending globally to cities including New York, London and Sha nghai. His creative activities have expanded into graphic and Product design beyond his original career in interior design. And he established the product design company "code" in 2011.

Prizes :
The International Hotel and Property Awards 2011,
China Best Design Hotels Award Best Popular Designer,
The Andrew Martin Interior Designers of the Year Awards etc...

MOËT STAR AWARD opening Gala party report

Laforet Harajuku / Jun 18 13:20-15:10
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 21 19:20-21:10
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 26 15:00-16:50
Carlos Lascano / Director
Carlos's works include a Goya Awards nomination, preselection to the Academy Awards(r), and over 30 international prizes. His "A Short Love Story in Stop Motion," received 9-million-views online. Carlos was chosen by Amnesty International to collaborate on their 50th anniversary project.
A Shadow of Blue
Carlos Lascano/France/Spain/12:40/Animation/2011
A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight?
Laforet Harajuku / Jun 19 17:40-19:30
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 23 10:45-12:35
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 28 12:50-14:40
Przemyslaw Adamski / Director
Przemysław is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. He has made several short films and music videos which have screened globally. He was a winner of the international competition "Bloom" (MTv/onedotzero), received an honorary diploma at 47th Krakow Film Festival, and was the Grand Prix at 16th Yach Film Festival.
Przemyslaw Adamski/Poland/7:00/Animation/2011
Sound plays the leading role in this film, anticipating the generation of images. At the same time, the imagination is provoked by sound. Noises seeping into the protagonist's flat are subject to his individual interpretation, and deprived of visual correlations the sounds evoke images often remote from their sources.
Omotesando Hills / Jun 22 13:30-15:20
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 16 17:10-19:00
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 18 15:00-16:50
Gracie Otto / Director
Hailing from a family of actors, Gracie has paved her way as a director with distinct short films, including "Broken Beat" and "Kill Blondes", which have all won awards at festivals worldwide. Gracie has several feature and documentary projects in development and production.
Gracie Otto/Australia/17:34/Drama/2010
Clive, an ailing bird watcher, becomes obsessed with Penny, a seamstress living next door who is luring birds into her home. When he finally meets Penny, he discovers that she needs the birds to survive and that Clive holds the key to furthering the species.
Laforet Harajuku / Jun 18 17:40-19:30
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 22 15:00-16:50
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 25 19:20-21:10
Chris Foggin / Director
After graduating with a degree in Media Production, Chris quickly established himself as an assistant director in film. Recent titles include Madonna's W.E', "The Iron Lady" and "My Week with Marilyn".
Friend Request Pending
Chris Foggin/UK, England/11:58/Romance/2011
Mary (Judi Dench) and Linda (Penny Ryder) spend an afternoon discussing the pleasures, pitfalls and problems with using social networking to try and woo the local choirmaster Trevor (Philip Jackson).
Laforet Harajuku / Jun 18 15:30-17:20
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 23 15:00-16:50
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 29 17:10-19:00
hunsaku Hayashi / Director
Shunsaku was born in Osaka in 1992, but now lives in London. In 2007, he won the Encouragement Prize at the Agency of Cultural Affairs' Japan Media Arts Festival. From 2006 until 2011, whilst in Osaka, he held five exhibitions in Tokyo. In 2011, his short film was nominated at Krakow Film Festival.
The Old Man and the Sea
Shunsaku Hayashi/Japan/6:43/Animation/2011
Simply rippling in the distance, the sea has no reply. Stunned and at a point amidst the blue expanse, the old man thinks.
Omotesando Hills / Jun 22 18:00-19:50
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 19 15:00-16:50
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 29 19:20-21:10
Kyle Gatehouse / Actor
Kyle Gatehouse began performing at a young age. While still in high school, he enrolled in the Canadian Improv Games. He performed in a number of plays before graduating, after which he attended the film production program at John Abbott College. He is an associate member of SideMart Theatrical Grocery, Montreal's most exciting english-laguage theatre company, with whom he has co-created and performed in a number of award winning shows including Haunted Hillbilly (Summerworks) You can also find him on the internet, where his comedy website has enjoyed a wild barrage of mediocre praise.
Arnaud Brisebois & Francis Leclerc/Canada, Quebec/8:36/Drama/2010
A metaphorical tale of adversity, this settling of accounts between a young man and a locomotive turns into a diabolical race against a merciless opponent.
Omotesando Hills / Jun 22 20:15-22:05
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 16 12:50-14:40
Brillia Short Shorts Theater / Jun 30 12:50-14:40
Chou Heng-Ying / Actor
Heng-Ying received Maste of Fine Arts Degree in Acting at Taipei National University of the Arts, School of Theater. She is active at film, TV dramas and theater. With "Revenge of the Factory Woman" and "Artemisia", she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a MIni-series/TV Movie.
Jay Chern / TAIWAN / 25:00:00 / Drama / 2011
Jenny receives a new cellphone from her boyfriend, but as they stroll through the streets of Taipei he’s called back to work. Whilst waiting for him in a nearby night market, she is unknowingly followed by a young woman, who steals her phone and breaks into it.
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