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Music Shorts Competition Best Cinematic Award

This year marks the 4th time the Music Shorts Competition has been held, and the category has grown to now include works that incorporate music created by overseas artists. Selections have been made for the Cinematic Award, which goes to the most cinematic music video and the Creative Award for the most creative film inspired by artist’ music. The Cinematic Award is given to a work that can surpass in quality even a feature length film, while the Creative Award looks for the short that best embodies the fusion of music and short film. This competition brought together a host of films that made use of strong performances. This category has really instilled the feeling of wanting to see more works that blur the line between music and film.

GOOD COMING -Toru and Neco,Sometimes Cat-
Sho Tsukikawa/Japan/43:39:00/Music Short/2012
The Environmentalist
Toru, an Italian chef apprentice who has been washing dishes for an eternity, returns home with a “cat” one night. When he wakes up the next morning, there is a “woman” in its place. Before he knows it, he is helped by the “cat”, and becomes a fully-fledged chef.
“GOOD COMING -Toru and Neco,Sometimes Cat-“
Sho Tsukikawa/Japan
Good Coming

Good Coming is trio from Fukuoka. They debuted with the single "Nakama". They are active on live stages, mainly in Tokyo.

Music Shorts Competition Best Creative Award

Yusaku Okamoto/Japan/6:18:00/Music Short/2011
Yuri and Ryo, who have just begun living together, are happy. Ryo recommends the novel that Yuri has been writing as a hobby for a contest, and it wins the big prize. Yuri’s debut as an author is decided, but…

“Bubble” Yusaku Okamoto/Japan

I would be very honored to receive this Creative Award. I even didn't imagine to receive, so I am still in a dream. "Bubble" only 5 minute work, express mutation of life. Bubble itself depict the unstability of woman's feeling. The song, clummbon's Aspen itself synchronizes the images which I would like to depict. It is very chemical reaction of music and images. This would be one's true value of Music Shorts. I would like to thank you to the audience, Commitee, cast and staff, and of course clummbon who gave me this song. I would like to keep making the films. Thank you so much.


clammbon was formed in 1995. They made their major debut with the single "Hanare Banare" in 1999. Since then, they have appeared at many outdoor festivals and received high acclaim as a live band.

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