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Report Detail

Brillia SHORTSHORTS Theater: International program G

Ivan Mazza (left) and Michael Frei on stage

The weekend program begins! Today's first guests to participate in the show were the director of 'High Noon', Ivan Mazza and 'Plug & Play's Michael Frei. 

Ivan told us that 'High Noon' was indeed referring to the famous western film, however the heroes in his film would not fight like the original one. 'The inspiration came from my childhood memories,' said the director, 'the situation was very similar but we did not actually fight and ran away. In this film, I wanted to display their courage not to fight even though their school friends try to aggravate the situation and expect them to fight.' The ending is quite warm and sympathetic to the heroes in the school.

'Plug and Play'  was created by Michael Frei who took about 9 months to finish this. He did not want to talk about the meaning of his animation so much that he wanted the audience to grab meanings in their own way. One thing he mentioned was that he was aware of making this work to be as minimal and repetitive as possible, a mathematical approach. 

youki (MC)