“Food & Agri” short film program The Best Short Award goes to “Sushi Japan”

From May 29th, “Food & Agri” online program on SSFF & ASIA’s official website has been streaming 5 short films with the theme of Japanese food and culture. The festival committee has chosen “Sushi Japan” as “Best Short Award” among the five short films, having the most high points in four criteria: “Messages portrayed in the film,” “Attraction of the story,” “Production Quality,” and “Depiction of Japanese food culture”

“Food&Agri” program has been screened online untill June 30th.

Streaming on Web
Food & Agri Program

Five narrative short films depicting images of Japanese food and its culture were chosen among approximately 2400 previously entered short films in Japan Competition, which was established 11 years ago.

“Washoku,” traditional Japanese cuisine, was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage In December 2013. In Japan, Washoku has developed as part of daily life and with a connection to annual events” such as New Year’s celebrations and rice planting, and is constantly re-created in response to changes in human relationship with natural and social environment. Washoku also has important social functions for the Japanese to reaffirm identity, to foster familial and community cohesion, and to contribute to healthy life in which Japan must preserve.
In this project, we will use short films as the message tool to promote Japanese food culture to the world, as to attract more fans of Japanese food as well as soliciting exports of Japanese food and culinary products and goods outside of Japan.


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About SSFF & ASIA 2014

SSFF & ASIA 2014

This year Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), a qualifying film festival for the annual Academy Awards® and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, will be held from May 30th through June 15th over two venues in Tokyo and one in Yokohama. Nearly 4,000 films from over 110 different countries and regions around the world were in the running, with the cream of the crop -- some 200 titles -- being selected to screen at the festival. Two years ago a special day was set on June 4th: Short Film Day. To celebrate this date, which is now officially recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association, all film festival programs have been screened for free on this one day. The Laforet Harajuku Museum venue saw four times the usual number of attendees on this special day last year, opening up to long lines of eager moviegoers waiting at the door. This year, amidst Japan’s consumption tax hikes in April, the festival is doing its part to give something back. Festival President Tetsuya Bessho has proposed the idea of “bringing entertainment closer to the people:” all films on the program (with the exception of some special programs) will screen for free for the duration of the festival.

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