“Food & Agri” short film program The Best Short Award goes to “Sushi Japan”

From May 29th, “Food & Agri” online program on SSFF & ASIA’s official website has been streaming 5 short films with the theme of Japanese food and culture. The festival committee has chosen “Sushi Japan” as “Best Short Award” among the five short films, having the most high points in four criteria: “Messages portrayed in the film,” “Attraction of the story,” “Production Quality,” and “Depiction of Japanese food culture”

“Food&Agri” program has been screened online untill June 30th.

Streaming on Web
Food & Agri Program

Five narrative short films depicting images of Japanese food and its culture were chosen among approximately 2400 previously entered short films in Japan Competition, which was established 11 years ago.

“Washoku,” traditional Japanese cuisine, was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage In December 2013. In Japan, Washoku has developed as part of daily life and with a connection to annual events” such as New Year’s celebrations and rice planting, and is constantly re-created in response to changes in human relationship with natural and social environment. Washoku also has important social functions for the Japanese to reaffirm identity, to foster familial and community cohesion, and to contribute to healthy life in which Japan must preserve.
In this project, we will use short films as the message tool to promote Japanese food culture to the world, as to attract more fans of Japanese food as well as soliciting exports of Japanese food and culinary products and goods outside of Japan.


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Awards / Jurors

CG Animation Competition - JURY


CG Animation Competition - JURY

The CG Animation Competition is making its four year and fetures CG short films from around the world. Once again this year, we will screen amazing short films selected, using the latest in CG technology that will surprise and excite you. The line-up chosen by the selection committes will be full of short films with a variety of perspectives that not only fetures CG technology, but also manage to entertain and move your hearts as well. This CG Animation Competition is a collaboration with Digital Hollywood Co., LTD., the leading university for IT and digital technology, and will introduce world level CG films in Japan as well as striving to showcase the world level CG creators from Japan to the world.

  • gp_jurors_09.jpg
    Shinji Aramaki - Film Director/Mechanical Designer

    Shiniji Aramaki was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1960. He continues to be a leading director and designer in the CG animation industry, having worked as a mechanical designer on projects including“ Genesis Climber MOSPEADA”(1983), ” megazone23” (1985-1991),“ Kidousenshi Gandam MS IGLOO” (2004-2006) and directing of the full 3D CG work“ APPLESEED” (2004). Impressed by the world that he’d created, John Woo, director of“ Mission Impossible 2” came onboard as the producer of the sequel film,“ EX MACHINA” (2007). Following this, he was scouted to direct“ Starship Troopers: Invasion” (2012). His 2013 film“ Space Pirate Captain Harlock” was released in Japan and throughout Europe, receiving an excellent reception. His recognizable style holds sway around the globe.

  • gp_jurors_10.jpg
    Kazuaki Kiriya - Film Director

    Kazuaki Kiriya was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1968, then moved to the U.S. alone at the age of 15. After graduating from Cambridge High School, Massachusetts, he entered Parsons The New School for Design and studied architecture, design, music, visual arts and photography. Following this, he began his career as a photographer while traveling around the world. He is known for his fashion photography and photography sessions with artists, as well as his direction of music videos, commercials and movies, including“ CASSHERN” (2004) and “GOEMON” (2009). He is author of the novel“ Tora to karasu to Ayako no yume,” and is currently shooting and editing the movie “The Last Knights,” starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen.

  • gp_jurors_11.jpg
    Tomoyuki Sugiyama - President, Digital Hollywood University

    Born in 1954, Tokyo. From 1987 Sugiyama spent three years as a visiting scholar at MIT’s Media Laboratory, and took up posts including Junior Lecturer at Nihon University before establishing Digital Hollywood in 1994. The school would go on to expand and establish both undergraduate and graduate programs, which are now administered by Digital Hollywood Corporation, an organization established under legislative reforms enacted in Japan. In 2011 Digital Hollywood University joined with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to establish a digital media arts school in China, which is also headed by Sugiyama. Sugiyama works as a member of the Prime Minister of Japan’s Cabinet special committee that looks into issues related to strengthening the creation of new intellectual property in Japan.

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