“Food & Agri” short film program The Best Short Award goes to “Sushi Japan”

From May 29th, “Food & Agri” online program on SSFF & ASIA’s official website has been streaming 5 short films with the theme of Japanese food and culture. The festival committee has chosen “Sushi Japan” as “Best Short Award” among the five short films, having the most high points in four criteria: “Messages portrayed in the film,” “Attraction of the story,” “Production Quality,” and “Depiction of Japanese food culture”

“Food&Agri” program has been screened online untill June 30th.

Streaming on Web
Food & Agri Program

Five narrative short films depicting images of Japanese food and its culture were chosen among approximately 2400 previously entered short films in Japan Competition, which was established 11 years ago.

“Washoku,” traditional Japanese cuisine, was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage In December 2013. In Japan, Washoku has developed as part of daily life and with a connection to annual events” such as New Year’s celebrations and rice planting, and is constantly re-created in response to changes in human relationship with natural and social environment. Washoku also has important social functions for the Japanese to reaffirm identity, to foster familial and community cohesion, and to contribute to healthy life in which Japan must preserve.
In this project, we will use short films as the message tool to promote Japanese food culture to the world, as to attract more fans of Japanese food as well as soliciting exports of Japanese food and culinary products and goods outside of Japan.


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Awards / Jurors

Official Competition - JURY


Official Competition - JURY

The Committee has selected five jurors from diverse industry backgrounds with unique points of view. Jurors will award four films:the Best Shorts from each official competition category and the Grand Prix. (The jurors are listed from the left in order of the Japanese phonetic alphabet.)

  • gp_jurors_01.jpg
    Koji Ishizaka - Actor

    Koji Ishizaka made his debut in the television drama‘Seven Detectives (Shichinin no Keiji)’ while studying at Keio University in 1962. After graduating, he joined the Shiki Theatre Company. Following his appearance in popular NHK television historical dramas such as‘ Kusa Mo Moeru’ and‘ Genroku Taiheiki,’ in 1976 he went on to star in "The Inugamis" as Private Detective Kosuke Kindaichi. Directed by Kon Ichikawa, "The Inugamis" series became very popular among fans of the novel it was based on. Koji has also starred in many of Kon Ichikawa films, such as "The Makioka Sisters," "Ohan," "The Burmese Harp" and "47 Ronin." Aside from acting, his is a novelist as well as a host of popular quiz shows. In 2009, he received the NHK Broadcasting Cultural Award, and in 2010 received the Hashida Sugako Award.

  • gp_jurors_02.jpg
    Ryuhei Kitamura - Film Director

    At age 17, Ryuhei went to Australia, where he attended a School for Visual Arts. His first film as director was the short "Exit", which he made as his graduation piece. The film won the annual Best Director Award. After graduating, he returned to Japan to establish Napalm Films, his independent production studio. His first feature-length films "Heat After Dark" and "DOWN TO HELL" were successful in film festivals, and he soon found his first mainstream success with the cult film "VERSUS" in 2001. Ryuhei went on to make hit films like "Azumi," " Aragami," and "Sky High" in 2003, "Godzilla Final Wars" in 2004, and "Love Death" in 2006. He then moved to Hollywood and helmed "Midnight Meat Train," (2008) starring Bradley Cooper. His second effort was "No One Lives" (2013) starring Luke Evans. His new film "LUPIN THE THIRD" is coming to theaters at the end of August 2014.

  • gp_jurors_03.jpg
    Rin Takanashi - Actress

    Born in 1988. Rin starred as the lead in "Like Someone in Love" (2012),a movie nominated for the 65th Cannes Film Festival Competition that was directed by Iranian master of film Abbas Kiarostami. Earlier in 2014 she starred in the Mo Brothers' Japan Indonesia co-production film "Killers," officially selected for Sundance Film Festival. With Executive Producer Gareth Huw Evans active in the Hollywood film industry, this film was released internationally throughout 12 countries. An actress active both home and abroad, Rin is currently appearing as a regular character in the NHK morning TV drama‘ Hanako to Anne.’ Three films Rin has starred as the lead in are scheduled for release this year.

  • gp_jurors_04.jpg
    Kanae Minato - Novelist

    Born in 1973 in Hiroshima Prefecture. In 2007, Minato’s“ Kotae wa hiruma no tsuki” (The Answer is the Moon in the Daylight) won the 35th Creative Radio Drama Award hosted by the Television and Radio Writers’ Association of Japan and the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), while“ Seishokusha”(The Clergyman) won the 29th Suiri Award.“ Seishokusha” was published as part of a novel,“ Confession” in 2008.“ Confession” went on to win the 6th Honya(Bookstore) Award in 2009, becoming a best-selling novel after selling 3,000,000 copies, and was finally made into a feature film in 2010. In 2012,“ Bokyo, umi no hoshi” (Nostalgia, Stars in the Ocean) from“ Bokyo” (Nostalgia) won the 65th Mystery Writers of Japan Award, Short Story Award. Many of Minato’s stories and novels, including“ Ohfukushokan” (Correspondence) (the original story of“ Kita no canary” (Northern Canary)),“ Snow White Murder Case”,“ Atonement”, "Yako ressha” (Midnight Train),“ Hana no kusari” (The Chain of Flowers),“ Kyogu” (The Circumstances), “Koukounyushi” (High School Entrance Exams), have been turned into feature films and TV drama series, where she has adapted the scripts. Her other titles include“ Shojo” (Girls),“ N no tame ni” (For N), “Sapphire” and“ Bosei” (Maternity). Her latest book is "Mame no ue de neru" (Sleep on Beans).

  • gp_jurors_05.jpg
    Laurence Reymond - Selection Committee, The Director’s Fortnight

    Laurence has worked for various distribution companies in Paris, keeping in the same time a regular activity as film critic for various magazines (Score, Cinéastes) and website (Fluctuat.net). In 2011, she did the selection of films for the European Middle Length Film Meetings of Brive (France), and joined the selection team of the Director’s Fortnight in September 2011, where she's now doing the pre-selection for the short films section. Since June 2012, she’s also the programming coordinator for the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal.

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