“Food & Agri” short film program The Best Short Award goes to “Sushi Japan”

From May 29th, “Food & Agri” online program on SSFF & ASIA’s official website has been streaming 5 short films with the theme of Japanese food and culture. The festival committee has chosen “Sushi Japan” as “Best Short Award” among the five short films, having the most high points in four criteria: “Messages portrayed in the film,” “Attraction of the story,” “Production Quality,” and “Depiction of Japanese food culture”

“Food&Agri” program has been screened online untill June 30th.

Streaming on Web
Food & Agri Program

Five narrative short films depicting images of Japanese food and its culture were chosen among approximately 2400 previously entered short films in Japan Competition, which was established 11 years ago.

“Washoku,” traditional Japanese cuisine, was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage In December 2013. In Japan, Washoku has developed as part of daily life and with a connection to annual events” such as New Year’s celebrations and rice planting, and is constantly re-created in response to changes in human relationship with natural and social environment. Washoku also has important social functions for the Japanese to reaffirm identity, to foster familial and community cohesion, and to contribute to healthy life in which Japan must preserve.
In this project, we will use short films as the message tool to promote Japanese food culture to the world, as to attract more fans of Japanese food as well as soliciting exports of Japanese food and culinary products and goods outside of Japan.


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LEXUS has produced short films since the last year. In this year, with the continuous theme of "Life is Amazing", LEXUS, co-produced with The Weinstein Company, produce their second Lexus Short Films. Mentored by famous filmmakers from Hollywood, LEXUS has supported young up-coming filmmakers. More details, including the making movie, will be released on LEXUS website.

Market Hours

Randall is a security guard who is a silent type and has a fertile imagination. He is interested in Angela who also works at the market, but he cannot talk to her. One day, something happens at the market, and a dog runs away from an actress at a cafe... sweet things happen in ordinary life.

Jon Goldman - Director/Writer

Goldman graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing. His short film “Diplomacy,” a wry take on the power of interpreters in top-level foreign diplomatic negotiation, has been nominated at more than 20 film festivals worldwide, including SSFF & ASIA 2010. He is active as a director and writer.

Operation Barn Owl

Jonah asks to his friends, Ellen and Vince, to make a good plan for his proposal to Ashley. Their friends restage Jonah & Ashley's story in a glittery show. However, Ellen has feelings for Jonah... who gets a happy ending?

Satsuki Okawa - Director

Satsuki graduated from Nihon University's film school, then was accepted in the graduate film program at Columbia University. She received awards for best short and for music for her thesis film "Tidy Up." Her follow-up film "Kyota no Hokago" was selected as one of the best 10 films at the San Paulo International Film Festival.

Ken Ochiai - Writer

Born in 1983 in Tokyo, Ken graduated from AFI. His film "Half Kenneth" won the Director's Guild of America Jury Prize and the SSFF & ASIA 2009 Best Short Award. "Frog in the Well" then won the Best Short Award and the Audience Award for the SSFF & ASIA 2010 “Let's Travel! Project.” In 2012, he directed "Memory Sculptor," the SKY PerfecTV! x ShortShorts collaboration Short Film, which won the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2013 Grand Remi Award. In 2013, he directed the feature "Tiger Mask." His second feature will be released in June 2014.



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