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Director:Toshiro Sonoda(Japan)
Country of Production:Japan / Production Year:2014 / Running Time:14:02 / Cast:Yuka Nakayama, Mickey Curtis


Erika has graduated from music school where she studied conducting. One day, she replies to a job advertisement and meets an old man at the mansion where she is to audition. He is blind and explains to her that he wants to complete an unfinished symphony about Tokyo.


Director:Alfonso Torre(Philippines)Country of Production:Japan / Production Year:2014 / Running Time:14:24 / Cast:Solenn Heussaff, Matthew Rac, Hiroko Ninomiya, Atsushi Sekiguchi


Jenny is a Filipina doing her art residency in Tokyo where she meets Michael, an American photographer in transit. They spend a long day together discovering more about each other and exchanging insights on the beautiful city of Tokyo.


Director:Liliana Sulzbach(Brazil)
ountry of Production:Japan / Production Year:2014 / Running Time:12:07 / Cast:People of Kozu Island, Ryohei Sato, Ruy Ramos


A soccer team in Tokyo heads to Kozu Island to have a match with a local team in the Island. During the game, Kazu, a young player in Kozu Island, happens to play against his home town's team. With all the folks' watch, how will he perform in the game?

What is the Tokyo Short Film Project?

Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between Tokyo Metropolitan Government and
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of Asia's biggest short film festivals,
this project produces short films to make audiences all over the world think, “I want to go to Tokyo!”
Three directors from around the globe have made films depicting the attraction of Tokyo, each from their individual viewpoint.
Please be sure to discover your own “Tokyo,” and come to visit the city.
Tokyo’s renowned hospitality awaits you.