Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2011 Official Competition Submission Guideline

Official Competition is consisted of three categories; International, Asia International and Japan. The Best Short Award is chosen for each category and the Grand Prix is chosen from three Best Short Award winners. The Grand Prix winning short film will be eligible for nomination for the Annual Academy Award® the following year.

Submission Periods:
Submission: November 1, 2013 - January 20, 2014

*Submissions must be postmarked by the last day of each submission period, and under any circumstances, submissions that are postmarked after January 20. 2014 will not be considered and DVD screeners cannot be returned.

Submission Fee :
Submission : US$30



  1. Japan Premieres Only:
    Your film MUST keep the Japan premiere status until Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014 ends. If the film has been/will be screened in Japan on any media and occasions including online streaming, screening events, film festivals and so forth before Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014, under any circumstances, it will be disqualified at any time. Online streaming on any foreign websites is NOT considered as Japan premiere. You must agree to withhold the film from exploitation on all media in Japan until the festival ends when selected.

  2. Genre:
    All genres of short films are accepted with exception of music videos.

  3. Formats: All
    Please note, however, that a DVD screener must be sent to the festival committee and, if selected, you are required to provide a NTSC HDCAM, HDV, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, or MiniDV.

  4. Production Country: All
    Submissions will be considered in three categories: Japan, Asia International and International.
    Eligibility for each category will be determined by the festival committee based on the following criteria: director’s nationality, shooting location, language of the film, nationality of casts and source of funding.

    Countries for the Asia International Competition are defined as:
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China (Rep. of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), East Timor, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippine, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

  5. Running Time:
    25 minutes or under. No exceptions. Running time includes end credits.

  6. Production Year:
    The film must have been produced after June 1, 2012 for all competitions. The festival committee will determine the production date of your film based on the copyright year listed in the end credits.

  7. Language:
    English subtitles are required for submissions with language/s other than English or Japanese.


The Festival presents awards in three categories: Japan, Asia International and International.


The Grand Prix is selected from the three Best Short Award winners each from Japan, Asia International and International Competitions.


The winning film of the Grand Prix will be qualified for consideration in the Short Film Categories of the Annual Academy Awards®


<Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2013 Awards>

Best Short Award -- International Competition: 600,000 Yen
Best Short Award - Asia International Competition: 600,000 Yen
Best Short Award - Japan Competition: 600,000 Yen


Audience Award - International Competition: 200,000 Yen
Audience Award - Asia International Competition: 200,000 Yen
Audience Award - Japan Competition: 200,000 Yen


*Awards are subject to change.


FutureCity Yokohama AwardThe Award is selected from all the submissions by City of Yokohama and Committee for Short Shorts, given to the film that depicts a future lifestyle that is environmentally friendly through technological advancement.
For more details about FutureCity Yokohama, please refer hereWhat is “Environmental FutureCity Yokohama”? “Environmental FutureCity Yokohama” aims for a concept of human-centered cities that create new values to resolve the challenges of the environment and super aging. This is exactly what Yokohama City aims in the future, a city with the following five elements will be considered seriously; “Water/Natural Environment”, “Dealing with super aging issues”, “low-carbon society and saving energy," “ Creativity” and “Challenge." These elements are taken into , in order to make a dynamic city with people living in harmony and balance.
>>> FutureCity Yokohama Award 2013 here


【SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS】 1) Please complete the online submission either on Short Film Depot in the period of regular submission or Withoutabox in the period of late submission.

To submit your film, you’ll be requested to create an account and register your film.
For more details, please refer to the instructions of either online system (Short Film Depot/Withoutabox) after you read thoroughly through the submission guideline.


2) Send your Submission Receipt and NTSC or PAL DVD of your completed film.

# DVD must be playable with DVD players. No movie file accepted.
# DVD screeners will not be returned.
# Works in progress will NOT be accepted.
# If you are submitting more than one film, you may include them all in one DVD, but please write each title clearly on the surface of the DVD, and remember to complete separate submission forms for each film.


*Please DO NOT send press kits or any other materials with your submission. Any extra materials will be discarded.



Please send your Submission Receipt and screener to:

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
4F SSU Bldg.,
4-12-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051 JAPAN


*The applicant is responsible for expenses that relate to the submission including shipment of screener DVD/s.
*Regular mail or EMS for the shipping preferred
*All international shipping must be marked as below:

No commercial value
For cultural purposes only


【NOTIFICATION】Selection results will be announced by the end of March, 2014.
By the time, all filmmakers will be notified the selection result via e-mail.

【FILMMAKERS & GUESTS】 The Festival comes alive with its guests. Every year, the Festival offers roundtrip travel to 10-15 filmmakers to Tokyo from our sponsor airline's gateway cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Filmmakers are responsible for all other expenses, including the cost of travel from their homes to the sponsor airline's gateway cities. The Festival negotiates a special reduced rate at an excellent hotel for any filmmakers who are able to make the trip to Tokyo, whether as invited guests or on their own.


The Festival Committee selects at least one filmmaker from each program of films with an effort to represent as diverse group of filmmakers as possible. Invited filmmakers will be notified in late March 2014. The Festival committee encourages any filmmaker who can make the trip to join us in Tokyo. Filmmakers may also want to contact cultural and governmental agencies in their home countries which might be able to provide them with sponsorship for travel. All filmmakers in attendance are invited to participate in various festival events.


【FESTIVAL TOUR】 The schedule for the National Tour of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014, including Yokohama, will be announced in Spring 2014 and are subject to change. All selected films will be screened in Tokyo, but programs in other tour cities may vary.


As our festival continues to grow, we are working to expand the tour beyond Japan. The Festival has been touring in Singapore, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Malaysia and more. Not all selected films will be screened at all locations, and filmmakers will be notified via email if their films will be screened outside Japan.


The Festival Submission Guidelines are firm, but Festival venues, dates, awards, travel awards, etc. are subject to change at any time.

To submit a film, you need to create an account and register the film on “shortfildepot.com” or “withoutabox.com”. You can complete online submission by clicking the button below.