Competition for branded movies engaging with customers

Photo session at Branded Shorts 2017 Award Ceremony

Traditional communication strategies become less effective in forming consumer engagement. As the way we communicate changes, an increasing number of companies are breaking into movie marketing. “Branded movies” are especially unique in that they are committed to produce value for consumers with the power of storytelling and entertainment while reflecting on a brand’s philosophies and ideas. SSFF & ASIA launched BRANDED SHORTS in 2016 to introduce successful branded works.
We are now holding a call for domestic and international submissions for the 2018 edition of the festival. In addition to screening a wide variety of branded movies we will hold more events and seminars that explore the video advertising market further, building on subjects addressed.

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【Branded Shorts of the Year 2017】

International Category “Notes” (Take Note / Canada)
National Category “The World is One Future, Japan, South Africa and Australia” (Toyota Motor Corporation / Japan)

【Submission Period】

August 1 (Tue), 2017 – March 30 (Fri), 2018

Each month we plan to pick up works of interest from those submitted and introduce them on the official Branded Shorts website, and will screened at Branded Shorts 2018.

【Submission Fee】

Early Bird Period: August 1 (Tue), 2017 – November 30 (Thu), 2017: 20,000 JPY (inc. tax)
Regular Period: December 1 (Fri), 2017 – March 30 (Fri), 2018: 30,000 JPY (inc. tax)

※For multiple submission more than 3 entries, the discount (Early Bird: JPY 18,000, Regular: JPY 27,000.- is applied)
※Paypal or wiretransfer will be accepted. Any inquiry about the submission, please contact to

【Submission Guideline】

1. Release Period:

Branded movies that have been released between January 1, 2017 and March 30, 2018.



3. Rules of Participation:

Submissions must be videos produced with the aim of communicating the brand or services of a company/organization to its customers. The company/organization can be part of any industry. The movie can be submitted by any relevant party; the company/organization it was produced for, the advertising company, the production company etc..


1. In order to promote Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and Branded Shorts, selected works may be screened/streamed at events or via websites operated by the Committee for Short Shorts (operations company: Pacific Voice Inc.) or other third parties involved.
2. The Entrant Company has to receive approval from all related companies
3. To avoid conflict with the aforementioned stipulation, please ensure that the individual rights relating to writers, performers, musicians etc. have all been cleared in advance before submitting.

【Other things to note】

1. More than one branded movie produced for the same campaign may be submitted as one entry.
2. If submitted work is in a language other than English or Japanese, please submit and English or Japanese script or dialogue list.
3. Refunds will not be offered under any circumstances.

【How to submit】

1. Fill in online entry form
We will send a confirmation email with the submission number to your email address.
2. Please zip all files in one file and upload it.
*Please note that zipped file should be named as the submission number provided in confirmation email.
3. Go to the payment page.
There are two ways to pay the entry fee; PayPal or wire transfer.
If you would like to pay in an alternative way, please contact

【Required materials】

- Movie File
  Format: H.264 (Mov or Mp4)
  Frame: 1920x1080
- Film Still
- Film Credits
- Script/Dialogue List in English or Japanese