HighlightsABCDEFSpecial Program
Program A
A1 Reappearance Invitation Short Shorts
Ghost Short Shorts
Prod:HKTVB | 12:00 | Horror | Hong Kong | 1978
A salaryman with a dark past discovers that doing overtime could have dire consequences. A chance to see Chow Yun Fat in his younger years.
Cast Biography:Chow Yun Fat
He Started his career as an acting trainee at HKTVB. Best known for Hardboiled(1992) , The Replacement Killers(1998),Anna and the King (1999), Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
A2 The Aftereffect
Gong Boo-Seong | 15:05 | Thriller | Korea | 2004
A young man tries to hang himself. Another man goes up the mountain with a heavy rucksack. A girl is kidnapped. What's the connection here?
Gong Boo-Seong
He was Assistant Director for the horror feature film A Tale of Sisters which was a huge box office success in Korea and abroad. Filmography: They Don't Live Like Live-show (2000).
A3 Three Feet Apart
Jason Lai | 6:13 | Romantic Comedy | Singapore | 2003
An ironic tragicomedy about Romeo and Juliet in the IT age, kept apart by electronic gadget body mutations.
Jason Lai
With the production company he co-founded, Oak 3 Films, he has moved on to writing and directing. Three Feet Apart has screened at Singapore Short Film Festival 2003, Busan Asian Short Film Festival 2003.
A4 Exchange
Malaka Dewapriya | 4:53 | Experimental | Sri Lanka | 2003
There are two ways of repairing shoes in Sri Lanka. A bold film experiment with a delightful traditional Singhalese score.
Malaka Dewapriya
He is a director and writer for theater and radio, telefeatures. Filmography: Penetrate (2001), Exchange (2003), Life Circle (2003).
A5 His Memory, My Salvation
Hsiao Tzu-Han | 12:04 | Documentary | Taiwan | 2004
The DV-cam becomes a tool for a girl to confess her secret aspirations to her father. Awardwinner at Taipei Film Festival.
Hsiao Tzu-Han
Hsiao Tzu-Han has a BA degree in Journalism from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan. She enrolled in a three- year audio-visual course at the Tainan Arts University in the fall of 2004.
A6 Requiem Ghost Short Shorts
Na Ji-In | 5:40 | Horror Fantasy | Korea | 2003
A fantasmagorical puppet animation set to Mozart's darkest choral masterpiece, about a girl persecuted for her blood-red eye
Na Ji-In
Na Ji-In studied comics and animation at Sejong University. Filmography: Marionette (2002), Requiem (2003).
A7 Ruffled Pupils
Toufan Nahanghodrati | 14:05 | Fiction | Iran | 2003
This tender account of a young wife whose husband goes to military service is an ode to the strength of Iranian women.
Toufan Nahanghodrati
He has directed a number of shorts, as well as worked as production manager and director's assistant.
A8 Down Ghost Short Shorts
Pleo Sirisuwan | 12:48 | Horror | Thailand | 1999
There is an elevator in a Thai hospital associated with a rumor about a dead body.
Pleo Sirisuwan
He has a degree in Thai Art and Fine Arts from Silapakorn University. Filmography: Trap (1997), Down (1999), Trap 2 (2001), Boon-Hen (2003).