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International and National Tour

Every year after the main film festival is held in June, the award winning shorts or shorts packaged according to a particular theme is prepared and made available for other regions & areas in Japan & abroad as the Short Shorts Film Festival Tour.

Nationally, the festival tour has been held in Sapporo, Matsumoto, Yokohama, Nasu, Nagoya, Osaka, and Okinawa. Overseas locations have included Los Angeles, Singapore, and Myammar. In 2010, in addition to Mexico, which is in its 6th year, the tour will also hit Malaysia.

By using the selection and editing capabilities at the Short Shorts Film Festival which now receives over 4,500 short films gathered from around the world each year, areas or organizations without experience in film festivals can operate a quality festival. Areas like Sapporo and Nasu have expanded their festivals and have successfully established their own identities as a regularly held event.  We would like to suggest each local governments in Japan and also foreign festivals to held monthly screening through the year from June 2012 to 2013, celebrating the 15th anniversary of Short Shorts.

Short Shorts Film Festival Los Angels
Short Shorts Film Festival Los Angels

Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico
Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico

Short Shorts Film Festival Malaysia
Short Shorts Film Festival Malaysia

Short Film Event Proposals/Planning/Provision of Film Rights

We can provide total coordination by proposing and planning events to suit your business needs and goals by supplying short films from around the world and our own operating system for running short film festivals.

Asiana International Short Film Festival

Kaohshiung Film Festival


Nasu Short Film Festival

Short Shorts Film Festival Nagoya

Short Shorts Film Festival Osaka