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Contents Rental

Not only film festival selections, a collection of short films from around the world, are available for rental.

A collection of short films from around the world to suit the theme of business events, regional festivals, and screenings are available for rental. In addition, for event and festival design and planning, consultation and rental operations, please see our consulting page.

Package Themes

  • "Stop! Global Warming" and other environmental themes.
  • Short films from Asia currently drawing wide interest around the world.
  • Animation shorts from around the world for the whole family.
  • Short films with travel as the theme.
  • Elegant short films for adults. Short films of various themes available.

Case Studies

Shizuoka Film Festival (October 2009)

SSFF provided short films and joined the talk event and festival booth.


Special screening in
Umeda, Osaka (March 2010)

Special screening with short films selected by Short Shorts
was held to promote the underground shopping malls.

Yebisu International Festival for Arts & Alternative
Visions (February 2009, 2010)

SSFF provides a continuous support for the
Yebisu International Festival for Arts & Alternative Visions.

The collaborative screening event with
Festival Cinema Brazil.
Screening Event at Show Memorial Park