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The film on today’s BS-TBS Short Stories is “Conversation Piece”&“Duet”

“Conversation Piece”


SSFF & ASIA’s short film“Conversation Piece&“Duet”will be introduced on the seventh BS-TBS Short Stories, airing from 10pm tonight.
“Conversation Piece”
Joe Tunmer/UK/ 6:53 /Comedy/Musical/ 2009
Sunday morning, Jean notices a chip on a treasured vase. She accuses Maurice, her husband who denies it. Using various tactics, Jean attempts to get to the bottom of the situation. A unique musical-of-sorts set to jazz cornetist Rex Stewart’s 1966 improvised recording ‘Conversation Piece’.
Toshimichi Saito/Japan/USA/12:57/Drama/2010
Will, a gifted oboe player, suffers from stage fright. His one joy is to play along with a violinist who performs outside his window everyday. Will's encounter with the violinist gives him the courage to perform in front of others & a new outlook in life.