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Blu-Ray Disc & DVD Books

The enjoyment of watching short films with very high quality images on Blu-ray discs or DVD’s. The film festival selection short films from each year between 1999 and 2001 were available on the “American Short Shorts DVD.” In 2008, in a collaboration with the magazine COURRiER Japon, Short Shorts selected short films from around the world were available as a bonus disc attached with the purchase of the special issue. In 2009, for 6 consecutive months, the pay-per-view DVD series “Visual Vitamine” went on sale. The series were sold as an effective “vitamin” to suit whatever mood you were in with shorts to make you cry & shorts to make you laugh and separated by color, red for ladies and white for men.

COURRiER Japon Book in DVD

PPV-DV (Pay per view DVD)

  American Short Shorts DVDs