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Contents Business



Short films offered for TV, BS, CS, and other broadcast media.



The perfect selections for internet viewing are available with streaming downloads.

Blu-Ray Disc & DVD

Blue-Ray Disc & DVD、書籍

Proposals for sales of discs by genre or film festival award-winning short films are available.

Trains and Boats and Planes


Short films are an especially effective source of entertainment during travel on airplanes, trains, and boats with limited time and space. Proposals for and procurement of rights of short films from countries on your route are also available.

Restaurants and amusement


Short films from around the world can be selected to suit your establishment’s food menu or the type of drinks and cocktails sold at the bar.



Applications for selected short films from around the world for your personal mobile theater on iPhones, iPads, and Android Cell Phones, available now.

hort films are perfect for viewing in hospital waiting rooms, train stations, on digital billboards and is increasingly becoming a valued source of entertainment in any lifestyle. Make your inquiries now!