Vol.10/ 2017.09.21

Greetings from SSFF & ASIA! in September 2017.

First of all, we wish you all had an excellent summer.
For us, the end of summer means it’s the time for the national tour of the festival.
Every year, at this period, we have short film screenings in other cities outside Tokyo.

Last weekend (Silver Week), we had many short film screenings in Osaka and Fukuoka, where many people came to join and enjoyed short films.

Here is your new stock of knowledge on Japan.
Silver Weekis a new Japanese term applied to a string of consecutive holidays in September.
In 2009, the term gained popularity, referring to the unusual occurrence that year of a weekend followed by three Japanese public holidays in September.

The holidays were:
“Respect for the Aged Day”, third Monday of September (Sep.18th)
“Autumnal Equinox Day”, astronomically determined, but usually September 23
“Holiday for the Japanese”, the day in between the two other holidays.
This year’s silver holiday was a short one, unfortunately, because we didn’t have the “holiday for the Japanese” day this year.

Anyway, here is more important festival news for you!

Thank you very much for your attention, and we will be back in October for more news!

Committee for Short Shorts/Committee for Short Shorts Asia

Call for Entry to SSFF & ASIA 2018!

We have a great article about SSFF & ASIA on “No Film School" website, so please click on this link and plan your submission for us. We will wait for your “Tokyo Cinematic” short films!
Again, we would like to remind you (as it is explained in the article), you don’t have to have visited Tokyo to make a short about Tokyo.
You can make it in your country!
The prize is Japanese 1,000,000 yen (approx. US$10,000), so please try out your ideas and make them into a short film about Tokyo.


Eleven Japanese short films will be screened at Camera Japan Festival (Netherlands)!

Camera Japan will be held in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and eleven Japanese short films from SSFF&ASIA 2017 will be screened.
Rotterdam 21 September, 2017 ~ 24 September, 2017
Amsterdam 29 September, 2017~1 October, 2017

Films to be screened:
DECEMBER 17 (2016 / directed by Yuji Hariu)
The Future Looked Bright (2017 / directed by Adrien Lacoste)
January Letter (2017 / Kanji Matsuura)
Kyonetsu (2017 / directed by Yuji Mitsuhashi)
Ms. Strangedisposition or: How I Desire to Be Rich (2017 / directed by Taishi Shiode)
Johnny’s Day Off (2017 / directed by Hiroyuki Shintani)
Dumb Straw (2016 / directed by Akira Harada)
Water Colors (2017 / directed by Takashi Yoneoka)
Mitsuru Todoroki’s Assumptions (2016 directed by Yuki Saito)
Parallel World (2017 / directed by Naomi Kawase)
Swan Song (2017 / directed by Ken Ochiai)

Camera Japan Festival
Dates: 21 September, 2017 ~ 21 September, 2017 (Rotterdam)
29 September, 2017 ~ 1 October, 2017 (Amsterdam)