Press Release

SSFF & ASIA 2014 Fashion Short of the Year

SSFF & ASIA 2014 Official Competition Jury & Save the Earth! Competition Jury

SSFF & ASIA 2014 2nd Tokyo Skytree Special ShortFilm "In the tree House"

SSFF & ASIA 2014 FutureCity Yokohama Award

SSFF & ASIA 2014 Music Shorts Competition

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014

SSFF & ASIA 2014 CG Animation Competition

With the idea of “bringing entertainment close to the people,” all festival films (special events excluded) are to be screened for free | LiLiCo appointed as Festival Ambassador


The cast for “Soranone,” for the 2nd edition of Tokyo SkyTree® special production short film competition, has been decided! The main cast of 6 will include Umika Kawashima, Yoshimasa Kondo and Sawa Suzuki.

Now streaming various short films on dvideo.