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15 mins. that changed the Japanese morning
Kurube’s style – the process of developing “Amachan.”



Chief Producer of social phenomenon “Amachan,” the NHK television serialized novel, Kei Kurube, will appear as the lecturer, revealing the secrets of planning, building a cast and crew, and making a 15 minute production that grabs peoples hearts so they can’t tear themselves away, all from behind the scenes of a massive hit drama.Kurube will talk about what being “a Producer” means to him. For those with their eye on the film industry, or those with an interest in the film world, this is a must-see.
Additionally, an important guest associated with the hit status of “Amachan” will also appear on the day.
*The workshop will be held in Japanese only.

Producer: Kei Kurube

Born in 1967 in Kyoto. Entered NHK in 1991, Kei Kurube won numerous awards including the Prix Italia with TV drama "Hagetaka:Road to Rebirth". He has produced Hagetaka:The Movie , Black Dawn and TV drama"Amachan".