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"A Distant Time Under the Moonlight" and "The Mayor’s New Clothes" produced by Short Shorts are nominated for Guam International Film Festival!

Congratulations!! “A Distant Time Under the Moonlight” and “The Mayor’s New Clothes” , both were produced by Short Shorts, are nominated for the 8th Guam International Film Festival Best Narrative Short.

“A Distant Time Under the Moonlight” is a fantastical story of two similar souls living in opposite sites in Japan. Directed by the winner of SSFF & ASIA 2015 Japan competition, Tsukasa Kishimoto and collaborated Japanese rock band: Wagakki Band.

Screenings are going to be held on Sat, Oct. 20th and Thu, Oct. 25th at Guam Museum Indoor Theater.



“The Mayor’s New Clothes” was produced as a project of “Book Shorts”.  Short Shorts called for original short stories based on the fairly tales and the selected best story, which was in the motif of the fairly tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, became this short film.  The director is one of the nominees of SSFF & ASIA 2015 Japan Competition, Hiroyuki Shintani and the main actress Yuki Sakurai whose facial expression had strong impact is nominated for  Achievement in Acting Award in this Festival.




TuesScreenings are on Tue, October 9th and Sat, October 27th at the Guam Museum Indoor Theatre.

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