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Short Film Festival Around The World

January - March

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France)
http://www.clermont-filmfest.com/ »

San Francisco Independent Film Festival (United States)
http://www.sfindie.com/indiefest05/archive/ »

Manchester International Short Film and Video Festival (Kinofilm) (United Kingdom)
http://www.kinofilm.myzen.co.uk/index.php »

Tampere International Short Film Festival (Finland)
http://www.tamperefilmfestival.fi/ »

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata. (Argentine)
http://www.incaa.gov.ar/ »

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (United States)
http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/index.html »

East Lansing Film Festival (United States)
http://www.elff.com/ »

April - June

Aspen Short Film Festival (United States)
http://www.aspenfilm.org/ »

Bangkok International Film Festival (Thailand)
http://www.movieseer.com/bangkokfilmfestival/ »

Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea)
http://www.jiff.or.kr/ »

Malibu International Film Festival (United States)
http://www.malibufilmfestival.org/ »

Newport Beach Film Festival (United States)
http://www.newportbeachfilmfest.com/index.php »

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany)
http://www.shortfilm.de/ »

St Kilda Film Festival (Australia)
http://www.stkildafilmfestival.com.au/ »

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (United States)
http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/index.html »

International Short Film Festival Hamburg (Germany)
http://www.shortfilm.com/ »

July - September

Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival (Portugal) http://www.curtasmetragens.pt/festival/index.php?menu=11&submenu=25 »

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea)
http://www.pifan.com/ »

Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brasil)
http://kinoforum.locaweb.com.br/curtas/2005/enf_index.php?pag=en_05_home.php »

Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)
http://www.ffm-montreal.org/ »

http://www.actioncut.com/ »

International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece)
http://www.dramafilmfestival.gr/ »

Tronto International Film Festival (Canada)
http://www.bell.ca/filmfest/ »

October - December

Pusan International Short Film Festival (Korea)
http://www.piff.org »

Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival (Russia)
http://www.molodist.com/go.php/Molodist/311/ »

Cork Film Festival (Ireland)
http://www.corkfilmfest.org/ »

Ojai Film Festival (United States)
http://www.filmfestival.ojai.net/ »

Zagreb Film Festival (Croatia)
http://www.zagrebfilmfestival.com/ »

Tehran International Short Film Festival (Iran)
http://www.shortfilmfest-ir.com/index.htm »

Siena International Short Film Festival (Italy)
http://www.cortoitaliacinema.com/ »

http://www.goldenhorse.org.tw/ »

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival (Brasil)
http://www.festivaldorio.com.br/f2005/pre/index.html »

Jakarta International Film Festival (Indonesia)
http://www.jiffest.org/ »

Santa Fe Film Festival (United States)
http://www.santafefilmfestival.com/index.htm »