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LA interview / To summarize the interviews...


To summarize the interviews...

It was possible to have an understanding of the current state of short films through interviews with knowledgeable people who work in or is a part of short films either as an art form or as a business. It is not an overstatement to say that for young directors and producers, in other words, filmmakers, short films are essential tools as calling cards. In other words, short films are an introduction to their art. The process of making a short film is a place for filmmakers to gain valuable experience while participating in short film festivals allows for the filmmaker to come into contact with other filmmakers and members of the audience, which in turn, cultivates communication skills. In addition, that kind of experience instills confidence towards the next project. Overall, we learned that the most important factors in short film production were the script and the performances of the actors. There were people in the know who said that both were equally important while it was evident that unquestionably, the script or a well-crafted story was the most important factor in the success of a short film.

The overall view concerning short film content and distribution as a business is that there are enormous opportunities but that it would take time for those opportunities to become viable and established. In the current reality of increasingly expanding media, most of those interviewed gave internet linked TV and DVD only a secondary importance. But no matter what medium is used, the biggest problem is “what can be done to bring people in to see short films?”

The key to increase the commercial possibilities of short films, according to the experts, is to have more name or famous “stars” take greater part in short films. To have “name” starts participate in short films would cost more money and to cover the increased budget would require increased profits. It’s much like the “chicken or the egg ”dilemma but one answer may be the use of short film content as commercials for brands. This may be a way to raise money to pay for big name actors. Also, an important point raised by about half of those interviewed was the rise in popularity of webisodes.

In any case, there’s no mistake that short films will continue to be made with the improvement, miniaturizing, and lowering of prices for HD cameras and editing equipment. All of the industry experts expressed neither negativity nor gloom, but rather a hopeful optimism for the future and potential of short films. While it is clear that the rapid advancement of mobile devices and the spread of the internet will be the showcase for short films in the future, festivals and screening programs will be the place for the young filmmakers to take part in “analogue” fashion to promote and sell themselves and their art.