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The 3rd Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival

Main visual, the poster

The trailer of Underground Film Festival

The video message from a director who won a prize

Closing ceremony

Juries of SESIFF2011

Event Details:
Sept. 29th, 2011 – Oct. 4th, 2011
Venues: Guro CGV, D-CUBE CITY
General Admission: KRW4,000
Organizer: Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF)
CGV Guro Branch: CGV is a cinema complex that is managed by one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea, CJ Group. Like Short Shorts Film Festival in Mexico, this festival is held in a normal movie theater. Therefore people can enjoy eating popcorn and drinking soda while they watch the films. Also, many families come to the festival because the theater is conveniently located in a department store. Seats are all reserved, so even the festival’s guests have to get a ticket to attend a screening.

Multiple Theater
Besides the main theater venue, SESIFF also holds screenings at parks and restaurants with the films viewable on movie screens and TVs.
Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival
Working together with Seoul Metro, people riding on the metro could watch SESIFF’s screenings inside subways and on platforms. 
Main Logo:
SESIFF used a balloon as a main logo to convey the festival’s main theme of “communication”. The balloon’s shape also doubles as a comma, a way to convey that the SESIFF can act as a rest mark for audiences who can come to the festival and relax from the busy life that people live today.
The Official Trailer
Wong Fu Productions, a group composed of 3 Chinese Americans, made a six minute trailer called Shell. The trailer was made based on the premise - “Experience gives our lives form and become memories. But what if we want to store something we never experienced?”
The trailer can be watched at: http://www.sesiff.org/4th/sesiff/trailer.asp
The programs
The number of programs increased compared to last year’s SESIFF. Even though most of the films were under five minutes, the quality was very high. This year, SESIFF prepared six official competitions: “SESIFF International Competition”, “International DSLR Film Competition”, “International Mobile Film Competition” “Forests Film Domestic Competition”, “International 3D Film Competition”, and “Going Underground Competition”. Including films in other special programs, over 300 films were screened in total.
SESIFF also puts effort into their “E-CUT” program which aims to show that anybody can easily make a film using Canon’s EOS line of cameras. To emphasize that, this year the SESIFF invited 3 entertainers to create films. Actor Oh Gwang-rock, who starred in Night Fishing by Park Chan-wook, singer Ho-ran, member of the music group Clazziquai, and comedian Park Sung-Gwan. Their films were screened at the opening ceremony and attended the talk event “E-CUT Cine Talk” to hold a Q&A with audiences.
SESIFF International Competition Section
Calmin Borel (Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival Labo Section Programmer)
Kim Soo-jin (Producer of Chaser)
Park Chan-kyun (Director of Night Fishing)
Oh Sung-yoon (Animated film director)
International DLSR Film Competition Section
Min Gyu-dong (Director or Antique Bakery
Hwang Ki-seok (Cinematographer of Friend)
International Mobile Competition Section
Kim Sung-ho (Director of In the mirror)
Bruno Smadia (Director of France Mobile Film Festival)
Forest Film Domestic Competition Section
Shin Dong-il (Film Director)
Hwang Hei-rim (Ex-Programmer of Green Film Festival in Seoul)
International 3D Film Competition Section
Chung Yoon-chul (Director of Marathon)
Eric Kurland (Director of LA 3D Film Festival)
In addition to the juries, many famous directors of Korean cinema were all gathered in one place.
Closing ceremony
The grand prize went to Independence by Spanish director Felipe Vara de Rey. The story was about two men facing the Spain of their time.
Despite being a young film festival, there were many film makers and those working in the industry from all over the world.
The festival will also be cooperating with Seoul Metro and Berliner Fenster for the Going Underground 2011 film festival, which will screen shorts in both Berlin and Seoul metro systems, with subway riders enjoying a new way of watching films. We look forward to their next film festival!