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Kaohsiun Film Festival

Q&A after the screening      

main character in front of the venue

Closing ceremony

SFF directors presented the Best Animation

【Period】 21,Oct. – 6, Nov. 2011 (17days)
【Palace】 Kaohsiung City Taiwan
【Ticket Price】 advanced tickets NT$150, Regular Individual tickets NT$180 
【Organizer】 Kaohsiung Film Archive
【venues】Kaohsiung Cinemark、Kaohsiung Film Archive Kaohsiung City Music Hall
Kaohsiung Film Festival (KFF) celebrated 11th year,
Aiming for sending our of movie cultures, the cultural department of Kaohsiung city
Holds this international film festival.
Themed on DEAD OR ALIVE, the festival screened more than 100 of features and short films. 
Since 2010, KFF has been cooperating with SSFF and exchanging programs each other.
KFF screened international selection, Japanese selection and 3D selection from SSFF.
Two directors from SSFF (Shiro Tokiwa and Kentaro Hagiwara), who made special
presentation short film with SSFF, were invited to KFF.

SABU (the director of “Bunny Drop”) appeared to the opening and KFF focused on Shion Sono.
He also came to the venue with his new work “Guilty of Romance.” 


Screening of SSFF programs
Japan Shorts Program
『ミート』 “Meat”
『サイレントスクリーム』 “Silent Scream”
『TOURISM HOKKAIDO~街~』 “Tourism Hokkaido”
『ロマンス』 “Romance”
『中国野菜』 “Chinese vegetable”
『スーパースター』 “Super Star”

SSFF & ASIA 2012 Selection Shorts Program
『パープルマン』 “A purple man”
『海の彼方』 “North Atlantic”
『スマイルバス』 “Smile Bus”
『クロスワード』 “Crossword”
『街の思い出』 “City of Memories”
『駅のホームで』 “TOUCH”
『皆既日食の午後に』 “The Eclipse’s Shadow”

SSFF & ASIA 2012 3D Program
『アクション!』 “shooting”
『ウユユイ』 “uyuyui”
『ボートトリップ』 “Boat Trip”
『フレグランス』 “Fragrance”

『27年後』 “27 years later”

After each screening, Shiro Tokiwa (“ The Eclipse’s Shadow”) and Kentaro Hagiwara (“Super Star”)
had Q&A.
Audiences were all very interested in them. There were many questions; for instance,
how the music inspired Tokiwa, what Tokiwa wanted to tell from the relationship of time and families.
During the screening of “Super Star,” people had been laughing all the time for the story and comical expression of the characters.
Their works were so popular that audiences made a line for their autograph.

Closing Ceremony was held at Cinemark on the final day of the festival  (4th of Nov.).
EOS Movie Selections, The Best EOS Movie, Best Animation, Best Non Fiction, Best Fiction, Special Jury Award and Grand Prix were announced,.
Shiro Tokiwa and Kentaro Hagiwara presented Best animation.
“It’s me Helmut” directed by Nicolas Steiner won the Best Fiction.
This work won the Grand Prix at SSFF 2011 and SSFF were glad for re-union with him.

GRAND PRIX:《The guilt》- David Victori - SP
THE BEST FICTION:《It's me. Helmut.》- Nicolas Steiner - DE/CH
THE BEST ANIMATION:《Inner City》- Alain Fournier - CA
SPECIAL JURY AWARD:《Thief》- Jay Chern - TW

THE BEST GLOBAL WARNING:《Birdboy》- Pedro Rivero - SP

《Justice of the Night》- Wei-Zhi Lin - TW
《The Father As a Father》- Zi-En Wu – TW
《The Black Ladies》- Sonia Mendez - SP

Even though Kaohsiung City is the organizer of this festival, the lineups are very characteristic and avant-garde.
Especially as for the focus of Shion Sono, people talked about a lot and often asked us about how we think of his works.
According to some media companies as broadcasting and internet, many people in Taiwan do not have clear image for “short film.”
In such a situation of Taiwan, I thought, Kaohsiung Film Festival is an existence to lead people to let to the cinema world and let people have varied sense of values. 

We were very happy to see the direct response from the audience.
Developing the relationship with KFF, we would like to make exchange system of directors of each area.