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Asiana International Short Film Festival 2011

Cine Cube

The main visual

The chair woman Sook Son

Reception after the opening ceremony

SSFF & ASIA Tono attending a talk event

AISFF 2011 juries

Director Inudo giving an autograph to his fan

The video message from a director who couldn't attend the festival

Soo-yeon Kang, Sook Son announcing the grand prize

Closing ceremony

Event Details
Nov.2nd, 2011 – Nov. 7th, 2011
Venues: Cine Cube Gwanghwamun, Seoul and Dae Woo Building Munho Art Hall
General Admission: KRW 4,000
Organizer: Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF)
The Asiana International Short Film Festival is in itsninth year. Gwanghwamun is an area in Seoul with a eclectic blend of historical buildings and modern high rises, weaving tradition with the present. Cine Cube is a central theater which fits up to 300 people. Another venue that was used for talk events was Munho Art Hall, right across the street from Cine Cube.
Main Logo/Visuals
The main visuals for this year’s festival centered around the concept of “A Gate of Creativity into the World of Short Films!”
Official Trailer
Yong-jin Lee, the director of “Chung Ah’s Adventure in Seoul” (which has been screened at SSFF & ASIA 2011) created this year’s AISFF official trailer based on the above stated theme.  The main character was played by young Korean actress Eunsuh Son. At the theater a 1 minute version was screened, while a 2 minute version was screened at monitors in the lobby.
Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was in the lobby of Cine Cube. Many audience members and press were waiting for famous Korean directors and actors to appear on the red carpet that was set in front of the theater. After festival director Sungki Ahn opened up the festival, many stars appeared in front of the audience. Attendees included: Gwon-tack Im, one of Korea’s top directors, Dong-ho Kim, the highly respected festival director of the Busan International Film Festival, who attends this festival every year,  actor Chung-hoon Park, who has starred in many films with Sungki Ahn, one of Korea’s most famous actors, Ji-tae Yoo who became widely popular after starring in the film Old Boy, and In-pyo Cha, who came to support AISFF despite a busy schedule with starring in Chinese dramas.
The Programs::
This year’s programs consisted of 8 official international competition programs, a traveling shorts in Korea competition only for Korean directors, a Maestro Program highlighting the works of famous directors, a special program screening the films from the 3. 11 Sense of Home film series, a special traveling shorts in Japan program, and 3 talk events. On November 5th, 5 films from SSFF & ASIA’s “Let’s Travel! Project” were screened, with Seigo Tono, Festival Director of SSFF & ASIA greeting the audience before the screening.
Official competition
-Soo-yeon Kang, a great Korean actress who has won a Best Actress Award at the Venice International Film Festival
-Isshin Inudo, a film director who was also a jury for the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2011
-Sarah Hoch Delong, the festival director of the Guanajuato International Film Festival in Mexico
-Tae-yong Kim, film director of Late Autumn, which starred famous Korean actor Hyun-bin
- Seigo Tono, festival director of SSFF & ASIA
Award Ceremony:
Award Ceremony was held at Cine Cube, same as the opening ceremony
10 awards in total were awarded to the following films and their directors:.
A special award designed to support future film projects, 10 million KRW was awarded to help fund a new film project in the upcoming year.
Magic zipper (Seonah Im/Korea)
2 days of accommodation is provided to a director for a film selected by the audiences.
A Scene at the Sea (Jae-hee Lee/Korea/2010)
6 million KRW and a trophy are awarded to a domestic filmmaker for the best film of the year.
Changgyong Park (Kee-hak Chun/Korea/2011)
3 million KRW and a trophy are given to the most creative and experimental film.
God View (Billy Lumby/UK/2011)
1 million KRW and a trophy are given to the best short film selected by the public jury.
Finale (Balazs Simonyi/Hungary/2011)
1 million KRW and a trophy are given to the best Korean performer this year.
A Woman to a Woman (Byong-hwa Choi/Korea/2011)
3 million KRW and a trophy are given to an animation with a novel style in its point of view.
None awarded
4 million KRW, a trophy, and 2 round flight tickets, are given to a domestic filmmaker.
In to Focus (Young-joon Jo/Korea/2011)
4 million KRW, a trophy, and 2 round flight tickets are given to international filmmakers.
Blue Rinse Matt Leigh/Ireland/2010
The Factory (Aly Muritiba/Brazil/2011)
15 million KRW, a trophy, and 2 round flight tickets are given to the best short film of AISFF 2011
Promise (Jero Yun/France, Korea/2010) 
Final Thoughts and Impressions
AISFF is in its ninth year and working hard in enhancing the visibility of the festival inside Korea. As you can see through the many popular celebrities and distinguished guests who came to the opening ceremony, the festival, the one and only international short film festival in Korea, is able to get a warm hand of help from many people publically. Audiences enjoyed being able to watch films from SSFF & ASIA’s “Let’s Travel! Project” for a second year and it was a great opportunity for us to let Korean audiences be more aware of the beauty of Japan and our own festival. Big plans are in the works with AISFF reaching itstenth anniversary next year, and we are already excited to see how they put together the programs and events for next year!