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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in Malaysia

Festival Flag

Catalogue and Survey

Venue: Sound Stage Studio

Mr. and Mrs Tanaka

Hollywood Storytelling by Mr. Tanaka

Dir. Gan Nie Gel of “The Tall and The Small”

Dir. Yuki Kawamura of "Chinese Vegetable"

Q&A sessions with the audience

Event Details
Date: Nov. 12, 2011 – Nov. 13, 2011
Venue: Sound Stage Studio (FINAS)
General Admission: Free
Organizer: FINAS
Working through script analyst Yasuhiko Tanaka’s network and connections,, SSFF & ASIA in Malaysia became a reality in 2010, and is now in its second year. With support from FINAS, the festival was held at Sound Stage Studio in Kuala Lumpur for two days, with both film screenings and mini-symposiums with film makers in order to better introduce short films to local audiences. The festival showcased official selections from SSFF & ASIA 2011, including nominees and winners from the official competitions, and the films from the Japan-Korea Tourism Promotion Special Presentation: “Smile Bus” and “Super Star”.  

We hope that through SSFF & ASIA there will be more exchanges between Japan and Malaysia’s film community in the future, helping foster the growth of film makers in both countries and the further development of media content. Malaysia’s religious diversity and its composition of three distinctive ethnic groups - Malays, Chinese, and Indians - makes the country unique. With this diverse group of people, and the mix of religions including Buddhism and Islam, SSFF & ASIA hopes Malaysia will become a central hub that can connect the festival to other Islamic countries.
Program 1:
“Super Star” (Japan)
“Weirdo” (France)
“Little Children, Big Words” (Sweden)
“Sasus Belli” (Greece)
“Noooooo” (Germany)
“Scumbag, Pervert and a Girl In Between” (Taiwan/USA)
“The Tall and The Small” (Malaysia)
Program 2:
“TOURISM HOKKAIDO ‘ City’” (Japan)
“We love our clients” (Italy)
“Interview” (Germany)
“It’s me. Helmut.” (Germany/Sweden)
“Catharsis” (France)
“Hujan Panas” (Malaysia)
”Tunnel” (South Korea)
Program 3: 
“The Eclipse’ Shadow” (Japan)
“Separations Agency” (Ireland)
“Crossword” (Ireland)
“Jonah’s Gone Fishing” (Malaysia)
“TECLOPOLIS” (Argentina)
“Smile Bus” (Japan)
Program 4:
“Heaven’s Island” (Japan)
“Conversation Piece” (UK)
“The Gold Mine” (Mexico)
“Amexica” (USA)
“Bell” (Malaysia)
“Black and White” (India)
“Chinese Vegetable” (Japan/France)
Dir. Yuki Nakamura of “Chinese Vegetable” (Japan)
Dir. U-Young Chang of “Tunnel” (Korea)
Dir. Gan Nie Gel of “The Tall and The Small” (Malaysia)
Q&A sessions with filmmakers were held each day, combined with mini-symposiums headed by Mr. Yasuhiko Tanaka (Script Analyst) in order to introduce the world of short films to audiences and explain the process of filmmaking.
Considering the fact that the film industry and business in Malaysia is not as well developed as film industries elsewhere Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in Malaysia core modus operandi will be to instill more appreciation for short films as a genre and demonstrate that it is a valuable form of media to locals and professionals. In the future, the intent is to continue growing the festival’s size and scope since it is still a rare opportunity for local audiences and media to see short films from all over the world. With the success of the past two festivals, it is clear that Malaysians are receptive to short films and have found enjoyment in them.