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Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival 2012

Japan Stand at the Market

A visitor at the stand holding the "Japan Guide"

Almost full house at the main theater

Festival promotion at the stand

Award winning filmmakers and jury members at the Ceremony.

Event Details
Date: Jan. 27, 2012 – Feb. 4, 2012
Venue: 20 venues including "Jean Cacteau Theater"
General Admission: 3 euros
Organizer: Sauve Qui Peut Le Court-Metrage

The 34th Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival (Organizer: Sauve Qui Peut le Court Metrage, which means “SOS Short Film”) was held from January 27th to February 4th, 2012 in the city of Clermont-Ferrand (population of about 200,000 people), center city of Auvergne region, France. The city and the region are famous for its volcano sceneries and headquarter of world’s famous tire, map and restaurant guide, “Michelin.”
The population of the city grows during the festival as over 3,000 professionals, including, short film directors, actors, script writers, festival directors and programmers, buyers and sellers and fans from all over the world gather here. It’s like “Cannes” version of short films.
At the festival, the “market” is also organized. We, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia  shared a Japan stand with “Sapporo Short Fest.” There were officially 42 stands from all over the world, promoting and selling their countries’ best short films. This time, we also had the stand to promote “Let’s Travel! Japan Project” (Project Partner: Japan Tourism Agency) short films, and we had posters of Japan and “Travel to Japan” guides displayed at the stand.
At the market, “Media Rendezvous” is held everyday. Inside the market building (it’s the huge gymnasium of the city), there is a space where sellers or buyers make a presentation of their companies and meet the potential sellers and buyers of short film contents. For Example, the first day started with the presentation of “Kiwi Media” of Barcelona, who was looking for digital mobile contents for smart phones and tablettes for the European territory. There are 4 presentations a day, and after each presentation the participants (listeners) will ask questions if they have any.
During the festival, we had a “festival summit” where about 30 festival directors gathered in a meeting room to introduce ourselves and talked about our mutual tasks and problems (such as finance of the festival) that we all have in common. It looked like a small gathering of “The United Nation.” It is an occasion to meet old and new friends of the international festival world.
During international film festivals, many industry companies, groups organize breakfast, lunch or cocktail in order to invite the potential business partners or promote about their short films. For example, we were invited at “Croatian Brunch” by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, where many people joined in and introduce themselves. French wines, fruit juices, sandwiches, cheeses, cakes and coffee were served The director of the Croatian Audiovisual Center made a welcome speech, and reminded people to come assist their market screening after the brunch.
This year, 7124 short films were submitted at their International, Domestic (French) and Labo (Digital films) competitions, and about 170 films were selected. We saw an International Competition program at 18h00, in the Jean Cocteau theater (1500 seats) and it was almost a full house even in a weekday. Here in Clermont-Ferrand, “short film” culture has been really established in their daily lives. Overall, 140,000 audience came to enjoy the short films over 9 days of the festival.
The festival gets a partial subsidy from the public fund. From the top, they get support from 1) the state, 2) the region, 3) the prefecture and 4) the city. So, in case of the festival, they get support from the Ministry of Culture, the region of Puy-du-Dome, the Auvergne prefecture and the city of Clermont-Ferrand.
This year, the total budget of the festival is 2.4 million euros, out of which 70% is from the public subsidies, and the rest of 30% comes from private sponsorship, advertising, market and admissions. The total admission counts 10% of the total budget of the festival, so it generates 250,000 euros.
The Award Ceremony of “34th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival” was held at Jean-Cocteau Theater, on Saturday, 4th, from 18.00.
Because of the terrible cold wave from Siberia that hit France during most of the time of the festival, the festival became so “memorable” to everyone who has participated. It was cold, indeed, also for the festival organizers who suffered the lack of finance this year, which resulted in the cancelation of some events including the ending party after the Award Ceremony. Despite the “coldness”, the public was even more enthusiastic to support young filmmakers who came from all over the world.
The award list as follows.
【International Competition】
Grand Prix:『Guest』(South Korea)Director:Ga-eun Yoon
Jury Special Mention:『Einspruch Vl』(Switzerland)Director:Rolando Colla
Audience Award:『Curfew』(USA)Director:Shawn Christensen
【National Competition】
Grand Prix:『Ce qu’il restera de nous』(France)Director:Vincent Macaigne
Jury Special Mention:『La sole entre l’eau et le sable』(France)Director:Angele Chuiodo
Audience Award:『La France qui se leve tot』(France)Director:Hugo Chesnard
【Lab Competition】
Grand Prix:『Il Capo』(Italy)Director:Yuri Ancanari
Jury Special Mention:『Bobby Yeah』(UK)Director:Robert Morgan
Audience Award:『Wind over lakes』(UK)Director:Jeorge Elkin
Followed to the Award Ceremony, three of the award short films including the Grand Prix, a Korean short film “Guest,” “Il Capo” and “La France qui se leve tot” were screened.