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Monterrey International Film Festival 2012

Dir. Gerardo Herrero (center)

Venue: Cinepolis

Ticket counter at Cinepolis

Q&A with filmmakers

Trophies and certificates

After party

Event Details
Date: Aug. 16, 2012 – Aug. 26, 2012
Place: Monterrey, Mexico
Venue: Cinepolis / Cineteca
Organizer: Conarte, Cinepolis, Nuevo Leon Unido, Monterrey International Film Festival

The festival originated in 2000 under the name of the Voladero International Film and Video Festival, and changed its name to the Monterrey International Film Festival (MIFF) in 2005. 2012 came to be 8th edition. After five year of screening only short films, MIFF started the feature film showcase. A number of submissions in the feature film competition was quite low for the first year after its establishment; however, by participating foreign markets such as Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), MIFF acquired recognition to the world of feature films and increased it number of submissions.

Opening Event
It was quite simple and compact. After walking on the red carpet, the guests were to sheet among the audience. An honorable mention award was given to a renowned Mexican filmmaker/producer, Gerardo Herrero, and the screening of his film “Frozen Silence” followed after.

Award Ceremony
With the acrobatic performances by BMX, the ceremony opened. Announcements of awards in competitions followed and all the festival staff were introduced to the audience at the end. As a closing film, “Extraterrestrial” was shown and the after party took place right after the screening with all the guests and festival staff.  

There were two categories, International and Mexican. These two categories again divided into three categories by genre; Animation, Fiction, and Documentary. There were five awards; three by genre from the International Competition and two, Mexican and Nuevo Lion, from the Mexican Competition.

Best International Short Film Animation: De padre a hijo, by Jils Knoblich
Best International Short Film Documentary: Contrato, by Lina Mannheimer
Best International Short Film Fiction: Columna, by Ujkan Hysai
Special Mention: L’mrayet, by Nadia Rais
Best Mexican Short Film: La Noria, by Karla Castañeda
Best Nuevo León Short Film: Tren 55, by Gilberto Jiménez
Special Mention: La madre, by Ernesto Martínez Bucio / Calle de Reinas, by Emiliano Mazza de Luca


The festival itself was quite big and many people came to the screenings. Some screenings were indeed full. The audience was enthusiastic enough to ask questions to filmmakers after the screenings, which sometimes took more than half an hour. That fact added more to the festival. Moreover, at the end of the award ceremony, all the festival staff and volunteers came up on stage and greeted the audience, which was quite moving.