Production budget up to 100 million JPY! One of the world’s biggest film pitch competitions!

Short film pitch competitions announce of the winnersインターナショナル-ショートフィルム-企画コンペ/

Competition Outline

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and avex digital Inc. have established one of the world’s biggest short film pitch competitions, which will fund a production with a budget of up to 100 million JPY*. The project is the result of a collaboration between avex digital, a company driving the expansion of the entertainment industry’s video market, and the Academy Awards® accredited Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. The aim of this competition is to exceed international borders in supporting the realization of a genuinely interesting pitch that truly deserves to be made into a film by offering up to 100 million JPY in production costs. This search for new talent targets filmmakers and producers working in a world where even the most excellent pitches can be considered unfeasible.

The top five pitches submitted will be chosen in the primary selection. Following this, the author of the best pitch overall will be awarded prize money and be offered the chance to receive a production budget of up to 100 million JPY. The completed short film will have its world premiere at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 and be submitted to film festivals around the globe thereafter. [*100 million JPY is the equivalent to approx. USD 800,000.- on 2015.11.26]

Competition Theme

With the theme "Thrilling, Exciting, Moving", we are looking for pitches for short films that will stir the emo-tions and have the ability to thrill, excite or move audiences.

Prize Money

Top five pitches
(5 people)500,000 JPY
(per person)
[equivalent to approx. USD 4,000.- on 2015.11.26]
Best pitch
(1 person)1,000,000
[equivalent to approx. USD 12,000.- on 2015.11.26]
*An additional 1,500,000 JPY will be awarded after confirmation that the pitch will be realized as a short film.

Schedule for Entry

Result will be announced in the middle of May.

Entry Guidelines


Under the theme "Thrilling, Exciting, Moving", we are looking for pitches for short films that will stir the emotions, with the ability to thrill, excite or move audiences.

Entry period

December 1 (Tue), 2015 ~ February 29 (Mon), 2016

How to Enter

1.Please upload your short film pitch in addition to completing the designated entry form in order to be considered for the primary selection. All elements listed below must be included in the pitch. Please note that the projected run time must be less than 25 minutes.

♦ Plot (250 words max.)
♦ One line that sums up what kind of film this is
♦ Photographic images of the world you envisage
♦ Entrant profile
♦ Link to a showreel or individual links to past works

2.We will notify entrants about the results of the primary selection in March 2016. Successful entrants will be required to submit the following materials (by a specific date yet to be confirmed) for the next stage of the competition.

  1. Screenplay for pitch selected
  2. Proposed cast
  3. Proposed location
  4. Estimated budget


Other information

  1. We can only accept original pitches that do not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third parties, engage in defamation, or infringe privacy rights.
  2. The competition guidelines may be subject to change without notice at the discretion of the organizers. Please check the official website on occasion to see notification of any changes made.
  3. The selection process will be carried out at the discretion of the organizers and may not be disputed by entrants.
  4. We will not respond to any inquires regarding the selection process or results. For inquiries relating to the entry guidelines, please contact us by the following email address.


Use of Personal Information

Personal details submitted in the entry process will be used in order to share information from the competi-tion organizers in addition to contacting entrants regarding the competition.


Q1How many pitches can one entrant submit?
AYou can submit as many pitches as you like.
Q2Can I also submit animation pitches?
AYes, you can submit pitches of any genre.
Q3What should I submit?
APlease submit the information listed on the website under point 5 as a single pdf document. There is no standard layout format for the pdf. Please note that we will not be considering or reviewing scripts at this stage.
Q4How should I submit?
APlease use the submission form below and upload the pdf here. We will not accept any pitches sent via email.
Q5Should the one line that sums up the film be a log line or tag line?
AThe one line can be a log line or tag line, or it can simply be a descriptive sentence. This is up to you.
Q6What kind of photographic images are you looking for?
AImages that have inspired you or aided visualization of the world you want to depict on screen. All images included in the pitch are for internal reference purposes only. Please use as many pictures as necessary to convey your ideas within the pdf document.
Q7What should I send for an entrant profile?
AJust a short introduction to you and your professional background.
Q8Can I submit pitches that are adapted from pre-existing stories/texts?
AWe can only accept original pitches that do not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third parties, engage in defamation, or infringe privacy rights. If there is no infringement on the rights listed above, then yes you may.
Q9Once the pitch is submitted, what happens to the copyrights?
AThe entrant retains all copyrights at this stage. If selected, however, the copyrights will be transferred to ShortShorts and/or relevant third parties related to the competition.

Submissions now closed



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