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What's Short Shorts Film Festival ?

Shorts, The Next Big Thing In Entertainment

Short films are one of the most exciting and dynamic components of the film world! Recognized worldwide for their artistic and creative merit, short films are effectively used by young filmmakers throughout the Americas and Europe to launch careers. Though still finding their market and niche in Japan and Asia, the future looks bright for short films. In 1999 the Short Shorts Film Festival (formerly known as the American Short Shorts Film Festival) was established in Harajuku, Tokyo in order to introduce Japanese audiences to the world of short films, and has taken 7 national tours with more than 140,000 audience members. In addition to these national tours, the Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF) has also taken place in LA, Singapore and Myanmar, and has established itself as a unique, Japanese-born film festival showcased worldwide


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Support From Mr. George Lucas

Mr. George Lucas has been a great supporter of SSFF since 1999, and we are greatly thankful for his support every year. We also would like to thank Mr. Martin Scorsese, famous Hong Kong director Mr. Johnnie To, Ms. Sofia Coppola and many more filmmakers who have given us great support.

Maestro Shorts

Since 1999 Short Shorts has been featuring "Maestro Shorts," short films by acclaimed filmmakers from all over the world. We have screened Mr. Lucas' 6 short films including "THX1138-4EB," which later became the initiative for "Star Wars." Furthermore, SSFF has also introduced rare short films by Ms. Jane Campion, Mr. Roman Polanski, Mr. Tim Burton and many more. It's thrilling to screen these early, successful works by great filmmakers. These film screenings have been a valuable opportunity for Japanese audience members and filmmakers alike.

SSFF as a Qualifying Film Festival for the annual Academy Awards® !

SSFF has been known for its international activities such as screenings in Singapore, Myanmar, and at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The festival has close relations with and always invites business partners and friends to these events. As a result of such activities and the wide-range of media exposure we have received, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences accredited SSFF as an official qualifier of short films for nomination to the annual Academy Awards®. The winner of Short Shorts' grand prix is eligible to receive an Academy Award nomination. We are one of the few festivals in the world able to provide this opportunity for films in competition and we hope to open the door for a Japanese filmmaker to receive an Oscar

Short Shorts Film Festival Asia

In 2004, SSFF received a request from the Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, to develop film programs showcasing only Asian short films. Thus, the "Short Shorts Film Festival Asia" was born. Film markets in Asian countries have been developing rapidly and are producing many great short films in various genres. Considering the successful growth in Asia's film industries, SSFFA has anchored itself as a unique exhibition of Asian short films and as a facilitator for cultural and artistic exchange between Japan and Asian countries.


Our main purpose, as the Committee for SSFF, is to provide resourceful information and support to Japanese filmmakers while introducing them to the sensational and rare medium of short films. We try organizing programs for cultural exchange between Japanese filmmakers and other filmmakers from all over the world. We strongly believe that short films have great potential and will be a major component of the Japanese film business. Our dedication and passion towards SSFF is bottomless. Our biggest hope is that SSFF will help expand the horizon for short films in Japan wider, as we search for the talent that will be the future generation of the film world.

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