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Finding the Starting point in film making

Short films are the starting point for emerging film makers in the United States, Europe and around the world who are ready to show their talent to global audiences.

The short film is a resume for a film maker to show his ability, much like a sketch is proof of an artist's ability to paint. Through the exhibition of short films at film festivals, directors get the chance to have their films seen by producers and industry representatives, and those screenings could prove to be the launching pad for a career in film, as with now industry powerhouses George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

This genre of film making is a critical stepping stone for future film makers, and has captured a large audience of devoted film fans at festivals around the world.

Market Development for Short Film

Short films have also become a sought after form of visual contents as the world slowly converts from analog to digital. The Short Shorts Film Festival strives to create a market for short films across Asia by creating greater awareness of the medium, and promoting the films in the festival for commercial outlets in the region.
With increasing awareness and promotion of short films, the market aspect of the festival grows annually with further market opportunities for many of the short films in the festival on emerging and traditional platfoms.

International Exchanges of Culture and Ideas

The Short Shorts Film Festival strives to not only introduce cutting edge films of today, but to highlight the evolution of this genre through special programs that give a retrospective of the some 100 years of short film making in the United States and elsewhere.
Just as many academic institutions in the United States have introduced film anthropology courses that cross examine films and society, short films are seen as a barometer of our world, and the Festival strives to create opportunities for audiences to think about the short film's role in society and how they reflect the world in which they are made. The festival will engage film makers and representatives from the film industry from countries around the globe to facilitate discussion and dialogue with festival goers.

Discovery of New Talent

The Short Shorts Film Festival strives to give audiences a first look at the world's next generation film makers. This niche in the film making world is where film makers are forced to be the most creative in developing films with very little time, money or resources. The results can be amazing, and Short Shorts is committed to finding the most talented of these creators and their films every year.

A Network within a Festival

The Short Shorts Film Festival has created an event of international exchange at every venue on its international tour, and an opportunity for regional cities to become involved in an international event.

The Film Festival is comprised of a Committee with offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and a network of student volunteers at every venue who assist the Committee and Staff with festival operations.

In addition, the Festival has garnered support from several Embassies whose countries are represented in the event, and from local governments in Japan and abroad. The network that has been established, and the personnel now trained to run this new style of film event are unlike those in any other festival.

Because of the phenomenal growth of the Short Shorts Film Festival, short films, once an unknown genre of film in Japan, are now becoming a key part in the fabric of that country's culture and entertainment.

Supporting the Film Community of Japan and Asia

In an effort to support and invigorate film creators in Japan, the Short Shorts Film Festival started the "Japan Short Shorts" program in 2001 to give local creators an exhibition opportunity for their films.

The immense success of the Japan Short Shorts program, and the overwhelming demand to screen these films globally, has inspired the Festival to begin greater outreach to film makers across Asia. The international exchange with film makers from Europe and the United States, and the opportunities for a greater variety of films in the festival, guarantee that the Short Shorts event will continue to be a true crossroads of culture and film from around the world.