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Sponsor Opportunities


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) have collaborated with various companies and organizations to support aspiring filmmakers and to introduce the world of short films. As a result, SSFF & ASIA became an accredited short film festival for the annual Academy Award® and the grand prix of SSFF & ASIA is now eligible to receive an Academy Award® nomination.

The festival provides a variety of collaboration plans for your needs, ranging from a festival sponsorship to a party sponsorship.

The festival is looking for supporters and sponsorships throughout the year, so please contact us anytime if you are interested in collaborating with us!

Statistics for Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2011

The below figures signify the total number of the festival audience at Omotesando Hills Space O and Laforet Museum, Harajuku.


Male 1617
Female 1693
No Answer 82




- 10s 90
20s 1099
30s 805
40s 456
50s 191
60s- 90
No Answer 662

Basic Plan

*Below figures are for the year 2011.

Company/Product logo appearance on the festival posters and flyers.

  • Poster (B1 & B2 size, appx. 200 copies)
  • Flyer (B5 size/12 pages, appx. 60,000 copies)

Advertisement of the company/product in the festival catalogue (A4 size/1 page/CMYK)

  • Catalogue (B5 size/114 pages/10,000 copies)

Festival billboard with the company/product logo.

The logo will be exposed on the main festival billboards, interview panels, and the commercials (15 seconds maximum) will be projected on screen during the festival.

Slides with the logo will appear on screen before each program.

Customized Plan

*The plan is to be finalized upon consultation.

Festival Period

  • Below options are available for sponsors.
  • Setting up the promotional booth at festival venues.
  • Setting up the company panel at festival venues.
  • Distributing the promotional tools (samples, flyers, etc.) to the festival audience.
  • Displaying the promotional tools at the festival venues.
  • Presenting a special program/event that your company likes to appeal to the festival audience, as one of the festival programs.
  • Establish the original award named after your company/product.
  • Establish the original competition category named after your company/product.
  • Streaming short film contents from SSFF on you company’s website.

Award Ceremony

  • Setting up the company booth at the ceremony.
  • Promoting the company/product towards the celebrities and festival jury members.
  • Distributing the promotional tools at the after party.
  • Setting up the company booth at the after party.
  • Sponsoring the after party.