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News Detail

Japan-Korea Tourism Promotion Project! Collaborative Shorts, "Smile Bus" & "Super Star" have been green-lighted!

Atsuko Sakurai

Kim Eung-Su

 A collaborative project with Japan Tourism Agency and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, "Japan-Korea Tourism Promotion Project" is now producing 2 special short films, "Smile Bus", which will be shot in Kamakura, Japan and "Super Star", which will be shot in Soul, Korea. Young filmmakers from Korea and Japan has been assigned to produce a 15min. long short each.

"Super Star" starring Atsuko Sakurai, and Kim Eung-Su is about a middle aged Japanese woman who is into Korean pop stars, and travels to Korea to attend the fan meeting. An interesting twist happens during the ride to the meeting....

"Smile Bus" is about a Korean girl who broke up with her boyfriend and comes to Kamakura working as a tour guide, and an ex-boyfriend who also comes to Kamakura looking for her. A love-hate drama is told along with beautiful scenery of Kamakura.

The report on "Super Star" will be posted at http://www.shortshorts.org/japankorea/ from the end of January.
The casts for "Smile Bus"will be announced sometime after mid Feb.

Stay tuned!

Japan-Korea Tourism Promotion Project: http://www.shortshorts.org/japankorea/en/index.php