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News Detail

The 3rd Report from Clermont-Ferrand Int' Short Film Festival

Visitor reads the voucher of Japan Tourism Agency

Greeting from Croatian Audiovisual Center

Packed in Jean-Cocteau Theater

The second day at the Market was even more animated than the first day. More and more industry people visited the Market.


We were invited at “Croatian Brunch” by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, where many people joined for lunch. During international film festivals, many industry companies, groups organize breakfast, lunch or cocktail in order to invite the potential business partners. It is like the “power lunch” in Hollywood, where many movie deals and project developments are discussed over lunch. But of course, this is a “short film” world, so people were introducing themselves and discussing how short films are distributed in their countries. The director of the Croatian Audiovisual Center made a welcome speech during the branch, and reminded people to come assist their market screening after the brunch.

The festival organizer started to distribute the “market catalog” which is about 7 cm long, weighing around 15 pounds. This 1200 page book contains information of about 10,000 short films who had been submitted to the festival this year. Each page displays about 7 shorts, and pages are divided into countries. “Japan” had about 8 pages which is very good compare to 10 years ago, where there no “Japan” pages. We are amazed to see South Korea page which had almost 50 pages. This means, roughly 350 Korean shorts are submitted to this year’s Clermont-Ferrand festival.


We also assisted a screening of a International Competition program. Even at 18h00 of a weekday, it was almost a full house. Here in Clermont-Ferrand, “short film” culture has been really established in their daily lives.