About Let's Travel Project

In 2009, the festival, along with the Japan Tourism Agency (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) started a new competition called the "Let's Travel! Project." In order to further promote the tourism destination that is Japan, the images of the beautiful nature in Japan and of the many encounters that are a part of travel are used as the themes for these short films. Short films; through digital broadcast, the internet, smart and cell phone downloads and with their short running times, have made their mark as a highly compatible and necessary multimedia form of visual art with very high expectations. Short films are also drawing great attention and scrutiny as a form of communication that has a common, global language of its own with its unique visual styles and condensed creativity that perfectly suits the modern lifestyle. For the "Let's Travel! Project," we are calling for submissions of short films with "it's great to travel," or "I want to travel," or "I want to go to Japan," as the central themes and depict "travel in Japan" and "the magic of Japan." This year, we received 86 submissions out of which 7 official selections were made. Following last year's inaugural competition, we will once again present to you short films that introduce the many wonderful Japanese tourism attractions and resources. In this manner, as we proclaim to the world the charm and appeal of Japan, we aim to contribute greatly to the future growth of tourism in Japan.

日韓観光復興プロジェクト 観光庁 がんばろう!日本 PODITIVE OFF


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