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The festival, along with the Japan Tourism Agency, established a new competition titled the“ Lets’ Travel! Project” last year. This project, as one element of the drive to increase travel and tourism in Japan and to show the allure of Japan, called for submissions of short films with the themes;“ it’s great to travel,”“ I want to travel,” and“ I want to travel to Japan.” As a result, 71 shorts were submitted out of which 9 were selected. From as far north as Hokkaido to the southern reaches of Okinawa, we presented short films that depict the appeal of traveling and the rich and diverse cultural attractions of Japan. The festival had also prepared a premiere screening of “ Heaven’s Island” directed by Naoko Tajima and starring Shuji Kashiwabara and Rina Chinen. This short film, shot on location in Taketomi Island of Okinawa, was sure to show you a part of Japan that you had not yet experienced or seen.

Frog In The Well

Ken Ochiai / Hokkaido, Shiga, Okinawa / 15:00 / Drama / 2009

Joe leaves Tokyo for the first time in 10 years to take a trip acrosss Japan. He visits throuthout Japan, Wakkanai, Biwako, and Okinawa. The people he meets along the way, the food and culture, and the trip all help Joe to develop inner strength as a young man.


past in the future

Kazuhiko Kondo / Fukuoka / 18:08 / Drama / 2004

Naomi is cautious when a mysterious old woman asks her to deliver something. As she makes the delivery, Naomi sees a little girl running away from her mother. Naomi chases after the girl only to be consumed by long forgotten memories. What waits at the end transcends time and space?


Go for it!

Haruno Hayashi / Sizuoka / 18:20 / Drama / 2009

Two childhood friends from Mikkabi work hard to find positive aspects of their town. Who will benefit from this? What does one gain by doing this? The work was produced to promote the town of Mikkabi located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.



Ryugo Nakamura / Okinawa / 10:24 / Drama / 2009

In YAMBARU village, an old man raises a goat for his son's wedding, a tradition in Okinawa. But the goat escapes. The goat is chased after but can't be caught.


Time of the Northern Akita

Kazuhiko Sugimura / Akita / 19:59 / Drama / 2009

A man and a girl return from a big city to their hometown of Odate in Akita. Childhood memories flood the man's mind and he man takes comfort in how his hometown never changes, as well as in nature's gifts and the people he meets. This trilogy takes place in picturesque, northern Akita.


Colors of UTSUGUMI

Seiko Tano / Okinawa / 20:00 / Drama / 2008

Asuka longs to become a photographer but lacks inspiration. Leaving Tokyo to enter a contest, she lands in a tiny island in Okinawa. There, she discovers a new sense of self by coming in contact with the colorful, local people of the island.


ORAESA-KE (come home)

Aki Nagasawa / Akita / 4:33 / Animation / 2009

Oraesa-ke" means "come to my house" in the Akita dialect. The song-loving Little Namahage introduces Akita with songs and dances. The film is produced to promote tourism to Akita by using the colorful Akita dialect as a welcome mat.


Harness - A Walk along the Clover Avenue

Hisayuki Okada / Sizuoka / 19:59 / Drama / 2009

A 13-year-old girl loses her dog and begins a journey to look for him. She encounters many adversities and meets some kindhearted people along the way with the beautiful Asagiri-Kogen (Asagiri Plateau) as backdrop. This is a bittersweet story of a girl growing up.


Seen place in sea

Hiroshi Shoji / Hiroshima / 8:16 / Drama / 2009

The film takes place on Takataniyama (Mt.Takatani) in Miyoshi, Hiroshima. A grandmother climbs this mountain every day to remember her grandchild.


In 2009, the festival held a premiere screening of "Heaven’s Island," directed by Tajima Naoko and starring Shuji Kashiwabara and Rina Chinen. This short film, shot on location in Taketomi Island of Okinawa, is sure to show you a part of Japan that you have no yet experienced or seen.

Heaven's Island

Naoko Tajima / Okinawa / 13:53 / Drama / 2010

Satoshi returns to Taketomi Island to take part in his grandmother's 97th birthday ""mandala"" party, a special celebration that's unique to this island. Just as he arrives at her house, he learns that she has just passed away. The next day from his grandmother's diary, they discover a long kept secret...



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