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A short film competition with the themes: "it' s great to travel" and / or "I want to travel to Japan". Out of 106 submitted shorts, 10 films were screened. Depicting the cultural landscape of Japan using live action and animation techniques, the audience enjoyed the allure of Japan. The special features were" KUMAMOTO will wait for you" featuring Kumamon,the PR mascot of Kumamoto prefecture, produced by Kundo Koyama of the Academy Award® winning feature film,"Departures"," UDON And so much more KAGAWA"produced by Kagawa prefecture, featuring popular actor Jun Kaname, and"Departure," which was filmed in locations around Tokyo, starring Korean actress Hyun-kyung Ryu, and was directed by Ik-june Yang of "Breathless", which has won more than 25 awards at world film festivals.

Mother of the Groom

Tsukasa Kishimoto / Japan / 19:42 / Drama / 2011 / Okinawa

Eiichi, who left home years ago to move to Tokyo, returns to Okinawa to report his engagement. But his mother and grandmother, who won’t acknowledge Shiori, eventually offer their blessing on one condition – she must help out with Ukui, a traditional Okinawan event, something she knows nothing about.


Misako Unakami / Japan / 15:40 / Drama / 2006 / Tokushima

It’s fireworks night and nineteen year old Ayumi has been dumped. She’s alone in a big city with no dreams. As she thinks "Enough already…", the crying Ayumi hears the nostalgic tune of the Awa dance flute…and her feet take her to Tokushima. But what is it she was waiting for?


Mother's Soup

Jun Fujisaki / Japan / 16:45 / Drama / 2007 / Nagasaki

In an area of Nagasaki City densely lined with houses at the top of a hill, a pregnant woman steadily climbs numerous steep steps. She is a woman who walks the road to her mother alone, but what is it she must do in order to become a "mother" herself…?



Takeshi Shimojo / Japan / 20:00 / Drama / 2010 / Saitama

Koboto, who is unable to jump into the river from the large rock overlooking it, is always left out. His childhood friend Midori encourages him, but she too has been trying to overcome the test that she failed. Rippling the surface of the Nagatoro river, it is a coming-of-age tale.


“Alien Ika-R vs Hakodate city” Episode 5, Hakodate city promotion film

Koichi Hiyama (NEKONOTE-DO) / Japan / 3:07 / Animation / 2011 / Hokkaido

This film is the fifth tourism CM that featured on Hakadote City’s YouTube account, with the first one released in December 2008. The 13 spin-off films have had over 1.5 million views to date (April 2012). The message: "Hakadote is in a pinch! Come quick and visit!"

Maboroshi Hot Springs

Yoshiki Fukushima / Japan / 17:27 / Drama / 2011 / Tochigi

Yohei, who lost his mother one year previously, visits Shiobara Hot Springs Village with his father. In this place full of memories, a vision of his beloved mother appears before him. For a boy who lost his smile along with his mother, what is the reason for pursuing this vision?


blue dragonfly

Makoto Fujihashi / Japan / 19:50 / Drama / 2011 / Gunma

Fifth grade elementary student Aoi and transfer student Kazuo are assigned a project by their homeroom teacher, to create a guide map of their town. Through the eyes of the children, the cut off town sets the backdrop for a small adventure story.



Atsushi Ishizaka / Japan / 8:10 / Drama / 2011 / Fukushima

A fictional documentary about a man who talks with mononoke, set in the Minamimaiaizu region of Fukushima prefecture, where spirits take over the deep snow-covered winter mountain. The mononoke pass around the mountain in autumn, and if you visit the mountain in spring, they will promise to return those people to the mountain.



Yuichi Ito / Japan / 18:05 / Animation / 2011 / Kanagawa

This red brick has been a part of the harbor mansion for 100 years, continuously watching changes in the harbor take place. From here it can see something square-shaped and sparkling, so, wanting to know what this is, one day it decides to sneak away from the wall.


welcome to Kyoto

Maya Yonesho / Japan / 5:02 / Animation / 2011 / Kyoto

This is an animation made by two colleagues in Kyoto. After deciding the motifs that Kyoto is famous for, they drew in relay and each shot the film, with director Maya Yonesho working on the editing. Looking at what was drawn for each, the differences in illustration style gives flavor to the attractions.

UDON And so much more KAGAWA

Kazushi Watanabe / Japan / 2:21 / Drama / 2011 / Kagawa

We are "UDON prefecture", and we, and others, shall acknowledge ourselves as this. Until now the somewhat comical name "UDON prefecture" has been applied with some tact, but from now on we will use the name with impunity, and declare it - "UDON prefecture!" - in a loud voice.


Ik-june Yang / Japan / 9:50 / Drama / 2011 / Tokyo

After 3 years of living in Tokyo, a young Korean girl looks back on her good old memories, especially the ones of her together with her love.

KUMAMOTO will wait for you

Kundo Koyama / Japan / 16:54 / Drama / 2011 / Kumamoto

Kumamon (Kumamoto’s mascot) looks and feels. This is a heart-warming short story where Kumamoto’s charms are spelled out in letters to parents. A fisherman waits for prayer time. A sailor awaits a single passenger. So, for Kumamon and the people of Kumamoto, what is waiting…?

日韓観光復興プロジェクト 観光庁 がんばろう!日本 PODITIVE OFF


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