Special Presentations

Super Star

Kentaro Hagiwara / Japan / 18:50 / Drama / 2011 / Seoul City, South Korea

When Toshiko's (Atsuko Sakurai) dream of meeting her favourtie Koren idol comes true, the last thing she wants to do is be late for the fan event in which he plans to attend. Looking for the fastest way to the venue, she jumps into a yellow car only to be confronted by its grumpy driver Park (Eung-soo Kim), who leaves her wondering if she will ever make it there on time…

Smile Bus

Sang-joon Park / Japan / 22:52 / Drama / 2011 / Fujisawa-shi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa

One day a young Korean girl, Yuna (Hyun-kyoung Ryu), decides to pack up and leave, she heads for Japan where she takes a job as a tour guide for visiting Koreans to Japan, Hot on her trail is her ex boyfriend Sang-ho (Gun-hyung Park) who follows her to Japan in order to win the still confused Yuna back, but will she get back with him? "Smile Bus" is a comtempory re-working of the classic Kamakura and Enoshima love story.

Heaven's Island

Naoko Tajima / Okinawa / 13:53 / Drama / 2010

Satoshi returns to Taketomi Island to take part in his grandmother's 97th birthday ""mandala"" party, a special celebration that's unique to this island. Just as he arrives at her house, he learns that she has just passed away. The next day from his grandmother's diary, they discover a long kept secret...



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