Atsuko’s Must-see Traveling Film

Atsuko Sakurai



My recommendation of traveling film is of course this!!

“Super Star” produced by Short Shorts Film Festival and which I starred.

It’s a story about Toshiko, a woman of around age forty who is into a popular Korean star, attends a fan meeting held in Seoul. But she oversleeps and runs to the venue hurry, and she jumps into a taxi which was…!


It’s a sad but heartwarming road movie.


The shooting was held inKorea, February 2011.

When it comes toKorea, delicious food and esthetic clinic… I was thinking to go traveling between takes inwardly. 

But I was surprised with the cold weather when I arrived at the airport!

I was shooting in the weather of fifteen degrees below zero which is normal inKoreawhich I had never experienced. I was also surprised but amazed by theHan Riverfrozen.


I believe purposes of traveling differ individually.

Some people aim to swim in the ocean, eat good food, go for shopping, or just relax.

You can barely communicate with natives and be hart warmed like Toshiko did in this story. But after shooting is finished, I had a feeling of traveling with communication is not so bad either.


How do you feel after you watch this film?

I believe you want to travel somewhere…



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