10 short films depicting “travel in Japan” and “Japan’s charms” have been selected for the third Let’s Travel! Project

SSFF & ASIA, along with the Japan Tourism Agency, has selected the nominations for Let’s Travel! Project, a competition that aims to promote tourism withinJapan.

This year will mark the third year of this competition that calls for films depicting“travel inJapan” and “Japan’s charms”, the key sentiments being “travel is fun”, “it made me want to travel,” and “it made me want to visitJapan”.

From the 106 films that were gathered from throughoutJapan, 10 films have been nominated.

The Best Short Award (Minister’s Award, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) will be decided by three judges active in various fields, and the winner will receive ¥600,000 prize money from the Committee of Short Shorts.

Some of the excellent films that promote tourism are “kumamoto surprise film Kumamoto de, matteru (I’m waiting in Kumamoto)”, produced by Kundo Koyama and featuring Kumamoto Prefecture’s mascot Kumamon, and “Udon ken (Udon Perfecture)”, a short film about Kagawa Prefecture that stars Jun Kaname, both of which will be shown in a special screening. Additionally, Korean director Ik-Jun Yang’s film “Departure,” featuring popular actress Hyun-Kyung Ryu and filmed entirely inTokyo, will also be shown.

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