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  • June 17th Fri 24:00 - 25:50
  • June 18th Sat 13:30 - 15:20
  • June 19th Sun 10:45 - 12:35
  • June 25th Sat 17:40 - 19:30

Silent Scream

Norihiro Koizumi/GIRL NEXT DOOR/Silent Scream/Japan/15:00/2011

The project was created as a promotion video for "Silent Scream", the 11th single by GIRL NEXT DOOR. Aki, who is not sure about her future, meets a mysterious man in a mask. This film asks the world "What does it mean to be one's true self?".



Mie Yokoo/Tomoko Tane/The Last Rose of Summer/Japan/4:53/2010

It's the last elementary school summer vacation. Yui, my childhood friend, is moving away tomorrow but I couldn’t see her. I was spaced out, not knowing what to tell her. Then I remembered the promise we made at the beginning of summer...


Daisuke Shimada/SAKANACTION/rookie/Japan/5:35/2011

This music video consists of suspenseful and psychedelic story and beautiful video arts. Ichiro Yamaguchi (vocalist) strays off into the strange world where time is warped and things happen reversely. He cannot remember what happened to him and gradually becomes confused and exhausted.


Yoshino/Makoto Tanaka/RIN/Japan/5:38/2011

A boy and a girl belong to a zen archery club. The boy is secretly in love with the girl. He expresses his feelings by always being with her, which she appreciates.


Kensaku Kakimoto/Every Little Thing/STAR/MOON/Japan/20:09/2011

Sung-ki & his girlfriend Risa have the same birthday. They are seemingly a happy couple but when Sung-ki sees his present from Risa, he realizes that he's real feelings are for Nagisa. Beneath the Moon & the Stars, a bittersweet love story unfolds.


haru ga kurumadeha

Nobutaka Satoh/uminekosounds/haru ga kurumadeha/Japan/4:46/2011

A girl who lost her father sends him an e-mail to tell him that she passed her high-school entrance exam. Her father appears in her dream.

Sooo, quiet

Naonori Fukazawa/clammbon/Sooo, quiet/Japan/3:17/2010

A salaryman receives a letter from a childhood sweetheart. This brings back memories of his past and he decides to go see her.


Shuichi Bamba/Chiaki Kuriyama/COLD FINGER GIRL /Japan/11:33/2011

"Who knows the correct way of living and dying? What teaches you that?" Based on Kenichi Asai's questions, the story takes place in the near future. A cool woman (a human clone) in a leather jacket and mini skirt saves her "original" in exchange for her life.



Seiichiro Shimizu/Novoiski feat. TOESON89/JUNIOR☆STAR/Japan/5:25/2011

With his new 10-second gag animation technique, he is extremely popular on Nico Nico Douga. "JUNIOR☆STAR" is the theme song of "chu-gakusei". This is a collaborative music video.


The Eclipse's Shadow

Shiro Tokiwa/Superfly/Ah/Japan/2011

The interaction of 3 couples that take place during the afternoon of a total solar eclipse.