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  • June 17th Fri 26:00 - 27:50
  • June 20th Mon 10:45 - 12:35


Mako Kamitsuna/Japan/USA/22:38/Drama/2010

Victor, a Russian taxi driver, picks up Katya, a Russian prostitute, at a New York airport. Victor, who is a former Russian navy submariner, notices the tattoos on her body and realizes that they are coordinates. This brings back memories of Mihael, a shipmate who disappeared on K129 30 years ago.



Katsuki Tsuji/Japan/19:13/Drama/ 2010

Jun is moving into a new place and brings with him a brand new keyboard. As he carefully places the keyboard on its stand, his friend Koichi reminds him that he can't even play an instrument. His life takes a sudden turn from that very normal day...

Bring me up

Miki Tanaka/Japan/6:33/Animation/ 2010

I grow up having my life controlled by my parents. My passive life that's guided by my parents actions. I roll along with my fathers's roll of the dice & in my mother's clutches. How long can this go on? I've finally made the decision to cut myself loose.


Lost white

Yusaku Okamoto/Japan/20:59/Drama/2010

Aki, who lives in Tokyo, receives news from her hometown that her grandfather has died. She returns home but is late for the funeral. To pay proper respect to her grandfather, Aki heads to the mountain in a snowstorm.


Tomofumi Tanaka/Japan/24:12/Drama/ 2010

Kumiko has been missing in India. Her little sister Ayumi goes to Kumiko's apartment to pack up her things. There, Ayumi finds something very strange, a postcard written by Kumiko that was sent from India 1 year ago, on it is written...