So that’s a wrap for SSFF&Asia 2011!

Short film filmmakers take a well-deserved bow! Bravo!

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The final program of the festival! the Academy Program & it’s time to say goodbye!

Time to lower the banners. Another very fine festival comes to a close.

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Sunday 06/26 13:20 Short Story Nagoya represents!

Director Yukinori Makabe, actress Eiko Ootani, & actor Yoshiyuki Morishita smile for Nagoya.

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PS. SSFF 2011 – The Award Ceremony brings a brilliant finish to the year.

The main jurors of SSFF 2011 on the red carpet!

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Arrivederci from Yokohama until next year!

The Yokohama Short Shorts team – otsukaresama deshita!

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“L’Accordeur”: seeing what you should never see

Fielding questions from the audience with gentle giant Olivier Trenier (right), director of “L’Accordeur”.

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Wow! That went fast. Final day begins with Asia International & Japan C with 4 sets of guests for the Q&A.

From “Tsuyako” – Producer Tomoya Suzuki, very lovely actresses Sachiko Katsumata (Tsuyako), Miho Fujima (Yoshie).
“Duet” director Toshimichi Saito. Ishtiaque Zico, director of “720 Degrees” & Ji-eun Park, the director of “Oh! Happy Day.”

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The final program of the day: International F – variety, excellence, & a great way to end the day!

Director Jen McGowan of the wonderful “Touch” gives the audience a real treat for the Q&A. Thanks Jen & congratulations on a truly fine short film!


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