The final program of the festival! the Academy Program & it’s time to say goodbye!

Sure did go fast! Once we got rolling on 06/16, the last days is
just a blur. Mostly that’s because we always have so much going
on in Tokyo & in Yokohama & it’s just so much fun every year!
The final program @ Laforet in Harajuku was the Academy
program. 5 Academy Award winning or nominated shorts were
screened to a full house. This year’s Academy included the live
action & animation Academy Award winning shorts from 2010;
Shaun Tan & Andrew Ruhemann’s tender animation about
being different & lonely & looking to belong titled “The Lost
Thing,” And the live action short film winner “God of Love,”
director Luke Matheny’s sweet comedy about darts, a lounge
singer, a girl drummer, & cupid. How can it NOT win?!
An oustanding way to end our festival. Thanks all!
See ya next year!
DJ John



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