So that’s a wrap for SSFF&Asia 2011!

So, once again the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia draws to a
close. Thanks so much for all who came out to watch these very
fine short films carefully selected out of over 4,000 short films
sent in from around the world. Every year I’m amazed at how
much our audience really enjoy watching these shorts & always
generously offer kind, gentle, opinions & constructive criticism
to the young filmmakers in the Q&A sessions & to our festival
on the questionnaires. A million thanks to the volunteers, the
venues & the staff who run them, the many, many sound &
image crews who year after year do a magnificent job for us,
and most of all, all of you who attended out festival to support
these up-and-coming young filmmakers and their short films!
A big shout out of welcome to MC Don Brown who took care of
business in Yokohama @ the Brillia venue. He’s a warm, gentle
& very knowledgeable guy. Well done Don-san!
Thanks everyone who stopped by the MC stand to say Hi & for
your kind words, it was GREAT to meet you all.
DJ John


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